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Townsend, Rose, Mason, Chadli were brilliant. Energetic play from all of them. Guess we do have a volley specialist atm. MOTM for me is Eriksen. Making us actua...
1 day ago
Thank you Lloris!
Best celebration ever by Townsend!
So were playing copy paste huh. Owyte lts do it again: The dig: As for our other striker, I better keep my mouth shut about him or get the wrath of his support...
3 days ago
I'd think Dos would integrate well to our system nevertheless. Suit yourself mate. I just think your overreacting tbh. Never thought Soldado will cause this muc...
4 days ago
Wow I literally said nothing about Soldado and I get 3 paragraphs of stick. This is a new low Mag. I thought you were one of the cool guys in here. Well if that...
Really could use a target man playing 4-4-2 when we need more firepower. Would be really effective against those towering Chelsea defenders.
5 days ago
Werder Bremen vs Wolfsburg atm. Man, if we could have turned back time and used 30million for Bas Dos. What a bargain!
Both Rose and Walker have been spectacular for us today. Unfortunate for Walker to get the deflection though. Masterclass tactical play by Mourinho thou. Class ...
Owh noooo please no. Fazio is warming up.
The reason I'm pointing to those 1-2 clubs because they're among the best teams in the world. If it is so essential for the team where a striker really can cont...
6 days ago
Mag please highlight any modern striker in the world besides Soldado who's job is to be a volley specialist and not score goals but more of a bring other player...
1 week ago
I think thats a bit over analysis of Soldado's shittidity (yeah I created this word) Mag. Kinda sounds like you're saying he was already s**t when we bought him...
Congratulations Fiorentina. They were the better team and had brilliant attacking and defending today.
Now that's how you defend. Chiriches=class
Soldado is scoring in the 85th minute and Kane will score in the 93rd minute. #pray4spurs
The most he could do was try a last saving tackle to prevent the goal. Man where is the guys passion? That was a free goal.
Thanks mate. Appreciate it. I won't mind Soldado scoring the winner at Wembley though ­čśü
I dont care about your opinions mate. You can say whatever you want but to me after the goal he continued being the invisible Soldado and calling me a troll won...
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Dude what is your friggin problem? Stop putting words in my mouth. I'm just not a fan of Soldado and I thought he played poor and been constantly invisible sinc...
12 months ago
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