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Hidetoshi Nakata was my first soccer player who made me crazy about soccer when he was still in Rome. He retired though, I got new brilliant Japanese Player = Keisuke Honda. He is similar to Nakata in many points.
So I'm tracing him the most among Japanese players but I'm supporting all the other Japanese.
I set MCU as my club just because its fun to see their footy.
Just for Fun (Mostly on the Bench)
I'm in US for college now.
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Kagawa is our new star!
7 years ago
This game started 3:30am in Japan....f*****g sleepy now
Quite a good job yesterday!! i know that it's a tough job but if you could draw with danemark, than who knows what'll happen next
Great job Korea! Respect you guys as the same Asians
Shut up you don't deserve to mention them at all
Hmmm, never really thought about that...i guess that there is no real need to do that, i mean, just don't use the other account and it will become inactive;) so...
8 years ago
Hey dude! thanks for reply on my comment. Actually Honda is called gorilla in Japan from his appearance and personality haaha XD add me you'd be my first Dutch...
No wonder Holland will beat Japan by 10-1(Honda's freekick)
Hey dude, add me I think you have good thought. btw are you Japanese?
My city doesn't have any J1 soccer team, so I like Urawa too but not really 100% fan haha. One more question, do you know how to delete the footytube account? c...
Don't mention it;) you can become a fan of national teams too, just pick 'teams', choose for example italy and find the logo of the national federation. if you ...
Thank you Prejsu! I've found there is no such options in Friendly channel but others have. Anyway you're born in 1988 too! You're my first Polish friend(:
It's quite simple. you just need to enter any channel, for example chelsea or whatever other team you like, and beyond the pictures of players etc., in the righ...
Does anyone know how to set a channel as my favorite?
I'm Japanese. Japan is apparently getting weak these days though there are some good players who are playing in Europe. I've never felt hopeless for Japan befor...
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