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I have noticed that the competitions api endpoint is not currently returning Euro Qualifications for 2016. Is this something that should be present? Similar...
2 years ago
Hi All, I was wondering if anyone else was having problems connecting to the API today? I haven't been able to retrieve any data today. Regards
3 years ago
I also noticed that the will hill odds were available once a match goes in play. Will pre match Will Hill odds be available or should I change my approach ...
6 years ago
Hi, I have noticed that, recently, you no longer seem to return William Hill odds as part of your betting.getMarkets method (particularly for MatchOdds). Is t...
Hi Guys, not sure if this is a bug or just a data glitch but when retrieving fixtures for Irish Division 1 using the following:
Excellent. I'll get back to the grindstone
7 years ago
Hi Matt, I recently posted a question on the dev forum regarding the openfooty api (specifically league.getTeams). Tony mentioned I should email you for an a...
Hi Guys, I have a question about the openfooty api. I recently tried to update my list of league teams but currently league.getTeams appears to be bringing bac...
Hi Guys, It appears that paging on the league.getFixtures feed is not working correctly. When retrieving fixtures for the Premiership the fixtures el...
Hi Matt, Happy New Year. Sorry to bother you so early into the new year but I am unable to locate your email (I've checked everywhere). Would you be able ...
I too am waiting for a key which I requested a few months ago. Have you had a chance to look into my application?
My API request user agent was 'synzzle' and the website url was Name would have been John Nye Thanks
Hi Matt, Thanks for the feedback, I still have an outstanding API Key request. Let me know if you need any further info from me as I was unsure how much det...
Hi Matt, I have still not received an api key. Please let me know if you require further info. Regards John
I too requested a key just over month or so ago but have not heard anything back as yet
Hi Lee, I applied for an openfooty API key around a month ago but have not heard anything back? I hope you don't mind me commenting on your wall but I didn't wa...
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