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Great game... zenit defence slip up, should have won that game but good comeback
7 years ago
Molodci xoxly ne to 4to nawy
Dude i bet they made a bet... before he kissed her he looked like someone who just betted on something and had to do something crazy in order to win, or else hi...
Why the fuckk did tabarez take forlan out? how could u lose faith in your team that way... pereira should have made that villa style goal when the goalie got ou...
Paraguay almost made it... i feel so sad for them... the world would be so different if they'd have beaten spain.. imagine: paraguay knocks out spain Ahhh... P...
Whats up with the overrating? the last goal was cool i agree but some of them was cuz the goalies suck so bad
"....Football has the ability to put aside differences and unite people from all backgrounds and beliefs." ...unless these people support different football te...
I think thats bs, when has that ever happened??? whistles have a really high tone it just cuts through everything else thats why you can hear them from far away...
What video??????
Vpered zenitttttttttttt!
Man its all in the passing... statistics showed up at one point showing 150 completed passes by barca to 36 by arsenal... they develop their plays really well a...
8 years ago
Ura cska!!!!!!!!!! vot by atakovali oni po lu4we, a to xuiovo kak to mia4 teriaut o4en bystro
ZENITTT hopefully they'll win the championship this season!!
I took strong dislike to the goal by Marseille
Lol so emotional latinos
Cska can totally make it.. if they beat beskitas and wolfsburg loses to united its on!!! it seems very likely too.. but football is football
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