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Finally someone else is getting southamptoned
1 week ago
We played terribly. We couldn't even complete basic passes at points in the second half. The theo goal was great but we never really tried to put anything toget...
1 month ago
His reaction when he realizes we just lost... only a second after he slips out of the way. Oops
Hes just getting started
It will be nice to see how Gabs handles this cosmic opportunity now that mannschaft is sitting out. He can really prove himself during this spell as a starter. ...
If Pepe won the balloon, I would piss myself.
@Nowayout Ok, touche salesman. But Wolfsburg were favorites last year, right? ;-) At any rate, even if the draw were carried out fairly, you've got to be ready...
Right, despite the glaring fact that we've lost every tie, we've never really been obliterated like we have against barca, who we will obviously face in the 1/4...
"Welback" will have a hat trick in Munich! MARK MY WORDS! Did anyone think anything other than Bayern or Barca? No. As others have said, you've got to beat th...
It was a second-string team. Watch, they are going to draw Bayern/Real and somehow pull out a win.
2 years ago
Nikol4i nominated Naldo (89') for Goal of the Week
3 years ago
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