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Kinnear is gone... about time, I think we all agree that anyone of us could have done as good of a job as he has in the past year. How difficult is it to really...
I don't have a problem with you man. You seem like an awesome dude. Im a fellow american that follows soccer too. No hard feelings to ANY newcastle fan, but tha...
Mind where you are friend, you're picking a fight on our teams site, defend your team in your own page if you're yrong enough. Tackle was bad, deserved a red? S...
Not going to deny the chances, but we all know the cruel luck that this game gives out. A beach ball on the field of play deflects the ball into the net? Chance...
Not sure why things can't be more civil between fans. Good game with lots of energy from both teams and it ends up in a draw. Would I have liked to have seen Ne...
Step or two offsides? Looks to me like he is well behind the line when the ball is played in, then it takes a knock on from Skrtel, not sure how that looks offs...
Lovely quote from the Telegraph in their game notes for the match today. "Mutiny lingers in the Newcastle air after a bungled transfer window masterminded by di...
No new signings, and Arsenal settled for Ozil over Cabeye, good for the both of us, obviously better for Arsenal. Frustrated to say the least, would have hoped ...
Love the Remy signing, just need a few more in to look for a stronger bench! I was hoping we would make a run for Dempsey, but who was I kidding when it turns ...
Article on is talking about how the Ireland boss is mighty impressed with Ferguson. Should we think it a possibility that he could step up big next s...
I'd have him back, but certainly at a lower price and with no release clause. I just think he will be sold to some other team for more that what Ashley will be ...
I saw a "translated tweet" that essentially said the same thing. Good news coupled with the rumor that Colo is staying as well because of lack of funds in Argen...
I was about to say there are rumors about Bony, sound like a pretty good striker to me, but we need to focus on possession in the area I think. I think Ceyric f...
Dream CB's of next season if possible? Keep Colo and bring in Lescott. I think that would pretty well clear up most questions at the back, move Wanga-Mbiwa to ...
Our biggest rival Howard Webb is in the center on Sunday. Here goes nothing eh?
How fitting is is that Elliot card the red card last game and will have to miss the last game of the season which means?? Harper should get the start for his la...
He apparently told the website that that was a joke,m kind you a ill placed joke but that's his claim anyway.
Just over an hour til kick-off, really looking forward to hearing our worst fears can longer be reality. And for pleasure here is a video I found this morning. ...
Should we pity UTD? I don't feel to sorry for them, but I will secede three point that one of the best is no longer in the game. A much as his antics hissed eve...
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