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Nepzpride95 nominated Kaká (54') for Goal of the Week
2 weeks ago
Nepzpride95 nominated Diego (56') for Goal of the Week
Nepzpride95 nominated G. Bale (70') for Goal of the Week
3 weeks ago
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1 month ago
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Nepzpride95 nominated M. Gómez (79') for Goal of the Week
Mario Gomez is back! :-D
Nepzpride95 nominated J. Martínez (57') for Goal of the Week
Agreed for a while it was battle between Helton and Reina, both great saves but top finish by JACKSON! :-D
Class freekick by Eriksen, love that player, hopefully Spurs can comeback next leg!
Nepzpride95 nominated C. Eriksen (64') for Goal of the Week
Get Fernandinho on the plane, Scolari!
Also what a save my the legend Iker Casillas, he still got it!
Bale first goal and Ronaldo's step over goal! But what a goal by Hunterlaar!
I thought the Premier League was aggressive but OMG La Liga is so dirty, and the fan who threw the lighter was a disgrace!
2 months ago
Well said bro!
Respect for Gerrard that pass and being calm to spot the penalty. Brazil 2014 watch out!
Ronaldo's Rocket, Bale's Beautiful, and Di Maria's magic goals!
3 months ago
After De Rossi send off, i think Roma went downhill. Juve meanwhile is rocking the Seria A!
Love your pic!
About time Ray Hudson released his orgasm on Messi!
What a run by Moses, looks so improved!
8 months ago
From United fan have to admire Navas skill but Hart come on, mate keep up.
Loving Bale's fk, reminded me of C.Ronaldo!
1 year ago
Ghana 2-0 Barcelona ;)
Great goals, tremendous technique by Gerrard and Augero's deception execution!
Walcott with the paceeeee!
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