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Liverpool have two young Hungarian strikers who I believe in a few years will be great players. 1.András Simon(19)
8 years ago
And so what if he was the top scorer in the Dutch league, a lot of players came in to the EPL being the top scorer from other leagues. All I have to say is that...
You really think with Liverpool's financial status that we could bring in a better player? Liverpool are better off selling Babel, and Vorinnin and getting mone...
I know what your coming from Campionelfc1 but you need see the whole picture. I really hated Dirk Kuyt before the arrival of Torres. Kuyt was the main striker, ...
You guys know Garfite right? He was the top goal scorer for Bundesliga last season and help Wolfsburg win the league. Well this amazing player has gone through ...
My vote went to goes for Torres, but thats um..obvious, however Grafite's goals, Essien's goal, and Atar's goal were just as amazing. As MenUK point's out Gourc...
I have two standing, one with Liverpool coming back into form and one going on with whatever their doing D:
Oh yeah I better get to see my favorite bull play, Gennaro Gattuso!! I hope he comeback to form very quick and stays fit.
I'm at Las Vegas..4 hours away :S
But I know Totti will never go back to the national team, I wish he would but I know it won't happen. I almost believe it's because Lippi coaching, I know a lot...
It's some times a shame to see a player with so much heart, dedication, and sense of humor to be at Hull. Sort of wish he was playing at a better team. I really...
I really don't like Lippi, if they win the WC it'll be such a shocker to me. Lippi just don't know how to choose his player. I didn't even know Robinho was play...
Wow surprising you actually know park chu young :O
I know he isn't the best, but I really enjoying seeing Montolivo play. His got good technique, good vision, and can score when he gets the chance.
Actually my best team would be 5 clones of Messi, 5 clones of Gerrard and 1 Casillas.
None taken, I'm American and it'll be hilarious if North Korea won. I'm sure in a blink of a eye we'll see US invading North Korea because of "weapons of mass d...
My picks for a upset are South Korea, Slovenia, maybe Algeria, and maybe USA.
I think the problem about Australia is they picked up South Korea's ex coach and the only reason he got picked was because he was assistant coach under Hiddink ...
Imagine what would happen to the world if North Korea won..I wonder what they would do with $31million dollars. Hmmm something that consist of a big boom?
Speaking of mangers of Australia..isn't it weird how Hiddink coached the Korean national team and went to Australia. Then Pim Veerbek or whatever his name was h...
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