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3 points! And we convincingly dominated in most parts. Nearly fell apart in the end but we did well to regain composure. Good game. But Mammaa Miaa! Che Gol di ...
7 years ago
Why did everyone vote awesome for Argentina? They were playing Canada not some great big footballing nation. If they didnt score 5 against Canada I would say th...
8 years ago
What a freakin game! and the goal, Marco Van Basten equivalent!
Good. The gaps still 4 points. Lose one more game Inter and it will get real interesting.
Pocket bomber strikes again
Commentators at the end were awfully biased but what can you expect from these idiots. Nothing about Milan's loss of concentration for 15-20 mins when Manu scor...
I think the jersey should be just painted on these players so that they dont take if off and get booked. Stupid rule anyways.
Check 7:20 its even funnier....LOL...could have been distracting the goalie or acting like the goalie...hillarious.
Madrid is a bunch of talented players, not a team. That is why it was easy to defend against them. All the big names need to figure out their roles in the team ...
Agreed...I dont know why the hell everyones complaining about the penalty? Even the commentators are like did it hit is hand...or arm...or a bird in the sky...
Well not quite we have Pato and Thiago Silva:P...but new signings so far are all very very young players...
Because a fly flew into refree's ears...and in the attempt to get it away he mistakenly blew the whistle...and then he was embarrassed and thought he had to say...
JT and lamps were there before Mourinho took over. Ok i'll give you Drogba.
Trust sheva to score wonder goals. Nice to see some flashes of old
Hey Milan is above Madrid in the we beat them in head to head
I'm actually split right in the middle. What do yall think?
9 years ago
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