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Atleast we're not get thrashed and now we don't have any excuse to let the 2nd team play in the pl
16 hours ago
Seriously..i welcomed him anytime..i think he's too good to be affected by the boos
So it'll be another madrid final eh..i hope atletico will avenge us
Because sturrdge is liverpool player and bony rarely injured
3 days ago
This starting eleven is a's the crappiest starting eleven in city history...everyone knows when we playing kolarov zabman sterling and nasri in the sam...
Why don't we go after vardy eh?he can be a striker or rwf
1 week ago
Does it matter..they have stars lining to replace him
Of course it's gonna be vardy and kane..they're english and they're top of the table..their value gonna be tripled for next season
We're damn..5th and 6th places is maybe ours now..those unnecessary trashed and home humiliation is biting us in the end
A draw is always better than losing..after all those wins they gave us all these year it's time we gave them back some point
2 weeks ago
So real madrid eh..what our plan?my plan is defend like hell for 90 mins and counter like leicester when they give the ball
Damn..we may actually won this thing because of kdb
3 weeks ago
Oo.fernando..u never failed to amaze me
4 weeks ago
Kdb is the best thing that happening for us this season
1 month ago
Http:// even if u are linked with city u are injure...
Let's pep have a debut in europa league next season
Nobody can defend worse than city..this team shouldnt be in the top 4 at all..they should be at the bottom of the league...what an embarassment
I'm also a juve fan and he's not gonna transfer anywhere..even city got to buy him i dont think he's gonna play like he's play for cannavaro to real ...
We can never win at anfield..maybe in brandon era we can..let's hope not get trashed so badly
2 months ago
Really jealous at manunited..they got the next ronney and the next thierry henry in the same team
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