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Nope, one win doesn't mean everything looks good and we gonna win the world cup. The team had been like yo-yo lately. I already put 7 years of faith, as a norma...
5 years ago
I trick he learn from watching suarez...Thank u Suarez lol.
What player?...hurm footballer player would come. What support u asking for? when the board itself not supporting the club..
Well save ur money from the board..;)
Becoz its CHEAP for the board...
It was just the "IF"..:p
1st half, arsenal go down as a team. 2nd half they rise and fight as a team. Credit should also go to Reading. Don't know how to describe these game, it can be ...
The left side weak without gibss..
Yup agree with u, still no answer for the ultra defence tactic..just wandering y man u really encounter with these tactic..
Yup, still no answer for the ultra defence tactic..
I dont get it why Lothar Matthaus blaming on Mert and Badstubber alone. Its clearly the whole team switch off at 2nd half, especially the midfield, losing the b...
N messi cute...hahahaha
Hurmm..seems Barca had slowing down after Pep gone, one of the best...
Omg...these what happen when u watch football only for the goal or because everyone does so....u just watch him play closely, then you will know Giroud is a goo...
Nice match..2 fantastic goal..:)
Yup..what a goal that is...
Le coq should be very ashamed,he had been asking for chnces but yet he blew it...
Wow i'm surprise with ramsey speed, is it the work of Michael Johonson?...well if it is then walcoot could be a sprinter in another 1 year time..beware Mr Bolt....
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