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I really hope anderson is playing today, as i still can't understand why he is being benched so often. lot of times when he's playing, he seems like that piece ...
2 years ago
How true that is mate...
Nautilus updated his profile
Wow...haven't been in here for a long, long time. nice to see some familiar old users around and tons of new users, lovely. but one big thing. despite red or n...
The only thing i know is, that united joins after the first season.
3 years ago
That's some heavy s**t tony ;-)
Dan, or barcelona ;-)
4 years ago
Citehzen, i agree with you mostly. but there's one thing: sneijder proved that he's a fantastic and established player, balotelli didn't so far. if he shows tha...
Why didn't he came permanently to the EPL after his loan? no team interested?
And when almost all of the best players of the last 2 decades name his as "the best" out of them all.
Brilliant tribute. i wanted to write now something about scholes, but i'm a bit out of words. i'll just leave it at thank you paul scholes. this is a sad day fo...
Imagine how i feel here in barcelona :-D
Oh yeah i forgot about him. but wasn't he from switzerland?
A few days ago there was a discussion here about no german player ever played for united. if this is true, here's the first one.
Ohh and by "nice atmosphere" i meant the football fans. i don't refer to the political problems and to the horrible things that happened yesterday in barcelona....
I just came back from the city. everyone is already wearing barca shirts, everywhere are flags around and everyone is damn excited. nice atmosphere in barcelona...
Newspapers and lineker :-D
I doubt that also vika but fact is fact. the winner is the best team.
Come back again on saturday and post "FOUR" ;-)
I don't know..all this talk about barca being the best team. of course, here in barcelona everyone is 100% sure barca will win. but the same happened last year...
I read something about 100 mill which is still so much money. but knowing sir alex, he will not even spent half of it i guess.
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