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Btw hows rafael doing in france?is he a regular?
1 week ago
Well true that in sir alex last years the football wasnt the most exciting to watch but still there were moments when the fans lifted the team and old trafford ...
I was thinking about the last time a football team bored me to death like united do at the moment. not even sure about it, but it must have been the valencia te...
Yeah he got famous because of two goals.but whats the reason adnan got famous?a handful of good performances? Look,i would love adnan to become a great player.b...
2 weeks ago
The tobermory cat,i just doubt the genius would leave his beautiful island
Imo januzaj is not a first team player.and i dont understand all the hype he doubt,the kids got talent but in the last 2 years or so he hasnt showed...
Thats something i`d like to see more often in football
Make him captain of united already and the highest earning player in the squad. thats how much i rate this guy. its absolutely amazing to see how he developed f...
Some people calling fellaini in here a fool, idiot, embarassement and so on. the point is, you people are an embarassement to football in my opinion. theres no ...
Great game for the neutral so far
3 weeks ago
Starting fellaini was nonsense. i dont hate fellaini, but he is not good enough for this club. dont mind to see him until the end of season but would be glad fo...
Just a point about mike, who a few people say he cost us the game. in the buildup of newcastles attack, memphis came into the middle giving space on the right s...
To add one more point, a very important and significant point about depay and some other players who have been dissapointing for united. remember, until 3 year...
1 month ago
I just dont see them winning it. imo their squad is too thin but i would be more than happy to eat my words at the end of the season. we`re out of the race and ...
I know, it`s a football forum but still: RIP lemmy. didnt expect him to die that way just days after his 70th birthday. in his own words: You know I'm born to...
Absolutely. but should have also been a red for rooney at the end
Totally surprised by darmian. i knew what he can do but didnt expect that today. and martial has huge potential, fantastic. i hope the team can keep up this per...
Agree. its been the first time in weeks that i kinda enjoy a bit our football. chelsea is dangerous on the counter but darmian and martial on the left play so n...
@north Agree with you,its more interesting to watch for the neutral or fans of other teams.but as sif mentioned,english teams have been terrible in europe for t...
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