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Had the same problem for the last 2 days. wrote to the staff a couple of minutes ago, strangely its working now. anybody else had this problems?
3 hours ago
@cheshire As i mentioned on a few ocassions,i dont think that athletico are underdogs.over the years simeone formed a team that in my opinion belongs to the bes...
3 days ago
I hope so for them.great team to watch.its not barca,bayern or real,something different but absolutely top class in what they are doing
The game's not over yet.but as a football fan its so impressing to watch this athletico team play football
4 days ago
Its a terrible football game.havent seen such a bad game in a long time
Damn it premier league is confusing me with all the games and cup games,replays and whatever. I was completely convinced that we play west ham away tonight.even...
5 days ago
I would love to see mahrez here.but as sif already said,i hope for leicester to keep their top players and maybe get some more good players in.leicester getting...
Not sure what to think about this kid.i just saw his youtube videos and the champions league games.but paying another 60million for an unproven kid would be jus...
Not sure about the source,i read it on onefootball.but mahrez was asked about the "interest" of barca and psg and he said that the premier league is the only le...
I hope we dont buy him. nothing special about him
With everton now not having a chance of european football i guess some key players would want to leave.and i wouldnt mind having the likes of lukaku,barkley and...
6 days ago
A friend of mine who is a liverpool supporter and myself said the same thing some time ago.martial reminds a bit of young messi.the ball just sticks to his foot...
1 week ago
If we take 4th spot from city but they win the champions league, leaving us just with the euro league, it would be hard to take but i wouldn`t blame city for th...
Whats the reason for that?you dont get a ban for a few games cause of being sent off for diving. Too bad for leicester.he'll be really missed.somehow i can rea...
I'm more shocked about özil not making the team.thats a ridiculous decision
Alli and payet both had a great season.but you must be an idiot to not put özil into that team.miles ahead of everyone else as a cam this season.its just a sho...
By the girlfriends sister got a son who is now 13 or 14 i think.a year ago grashoppers zürich contacted him and he is now training and playing for the y...
Really curios about that kid.if i would meet him here on the street i'll tell him to give his blood for united haha That must be amazing for a kid of his age.p...
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