Nahcnavi is a l'pool girl crying her heart out:*(
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Go Go GO Defoe!!!!
8 years ago
Hey Navi! I'm a girl so dont worry. I can't find any girls on this website!! but at last I found you! So accept be as a friend now!! lol you dont have to if you...
Where you gone?
Good luck tomorrow Navs!
Hey girl!
Its a blue year sorry darlin
Yo'sup 4-0 4-0 4-0, were are you from. Liverpool all the way
Reallly ?? that aint cool...
Are you canto? leihouuuaaaa
Your a dude obviously. i have seen this pic before.
How u doin RIVAL????
Hiya Navi, By passing the fact that we support bitterly rival teams, I focused on the fact that we both support the Almighty Three Lions! :-P how d'u reckon we...
Hahaha, its kind of funny how guys see a picture of a girl and go nuts
Navs ya sposed to go up the table sweety not down!!!!
Hey, u from Singapore ??? have facebook ??
A win was a good result for me. Let's see 10 straight more wins! That'd be great.
Don't tell the UTD scum Navs!!!
Not alot gals are familiar with soccer....especially knowing their names too.... where u from?
Hey ... cool profile photo! +5 from me ... respect ... is that really you? wanna chat? my skype account: ghost.liver
Anyone who is a liverpool fan is my friend =P Muffy over n out from singapore
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