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NafuM wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
It's simple: Mancini needs to assert his authority, and any, I mean ANY whiff of a whimper of a whim of dissent by his players, any action that undermines his P...
6 years ago
I think Ulricksidney is trying to say that Berbatov and Tevez are POLAR OPPOSITES (in terms of attitudes, NOT ball skills/touch/scoring/cleverness). Berbatov: ...
The media must ask itself what IS NEWSWORTHY, and what IS NOT NEWSWORTHY. a story about a disgruntled Mancini is NOT NEWS a story about a Tevez stirring up co...
Hmm...upon reading this article, it seemed like Mancini was the one retaliating. Look: Mancini's been boss at MCFC for only so long, while...... Tevez is a ...
YES!!! thank you Vanido, I agree entirely with your view.
Anyone one else notice how hard di Maria tries NOT to smile.....? in fact, i may go as far to say that I'VE NEVER seen the guy smile. for example, upon scorin...
1. it's a friendly match 2. it's still a match. 3. it's a form of measurement; where teams CURRENTLY are, what they need to work on, etc. And CURRENTLY, barca'...
I absolutely agree!!! this game is toootally inconsequential. i'm betting my house even Guardiola's mumbling the same thing to himself, desperately trying to co...
Lets not forget the youngins on their way up...welbeck, cleverly, etc. nice to see owen 's still got it...not so nice was his shank towards the end, but still,...
G*ddamn!!! joe hart DESTROYED that pk....insane! and with the mortal kombat "trademark", i guess that's his trademark now, was quite an entertaining performance...
LMAO... wonder who she was giving the bird (lady @ 5:18)
Well, you'd expect the same bias on ESPN right?
Somewhere on FootyTube
People say that. i say that too.but he never really needed to sprint box to box and be first to every ball in order to provide ammunition(his job)
7 years ago
Plus one. the threat of injury has a definite subconscious impact on a player's will and spirits, and taht reflects on their gameplay and git 'er done attitude.
You would, would you? well it's not yours to decide. i mean, cool, have a go at a player you feel didn't earn his shine. but really though, that was 7 and a hal...
Beckham will live forever. he's like football's Achilles. OH the irony, it's so bleak and raw.
No professional footballer wants to hear that he's in his "TWILIGHT YEARS" imagine if you were the type of footballer Becks was---IS(oops,sorry): WORLD FAMOUS...
SAF is a very old, very wise man. given the personal history between becks and ferguson, while weighing the potentially massive impact(read: vast litany of "h...
Anyone remember the last time liverPOOP won the champion's league? seems like a million years ago.
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