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Agree with stan182. This is the reason why SAF decided not to purchase any high-profile players costing us millions. The current squad is good enough to lift th...
8 years ago
Think he went to Barca
Looks at this statement from "Steven Gerrard insists Liverpool have no intention of allowing Chelsea a victory at Anfield to deny Manchester Unite...
WOW! better than what I expected! WOW!
Its ok to loose but must play well. We didnt play well againts everton. We just couldnt get it going. No sure why. You are right. pts will be lost. But its a da...
That is soccer mate. :D :D shows why we must never under estimate the opponents no matter who they are :D :D
Everton were fabulous mate this weekend.
Chelsea will win. GOD! I HOPE I AM WRONG! hahahahaha
Agree! third looks possible judging by what is happening on the pitch. I know UNITED are capable of more. WIN OR LOOSE, TOP OR THIRD, UNITED FOR LIFE!
What do you mean we cant play 4-4-2 away? it does not matter away or home mate.
He's not, and he's not a king either. What could he do all alone? too much realiance on him is a no no. Look at what happend to pool without gerrad and torres.
Not one bit surprised if they are 3rd this year. :P
You are abolutely right. Everton were FANTASTIC! Seriously, Gary Neville should retire.
I kinda have the same feeling as Wayne. Think it will be Anderson and Fletcher in the middle of the park. :D :D
Hahaha does not matter who is in or out. It will be the same old story :D :D
Never underestimate your opponents whoever they may be. First lesson in soccer mate :D :D
Beckham is and will never a legend in UNITED. He is a celebrity. Always has and always will be. Full stop :D :D The only legend from SAF hatchlings is GIGGS!
I cant believe i am reading this in Allegations? Isnt his affairs proven? Tiger woods of soccer! He obviously forgot that with power comes r...
United had the money. Just didnt have enough conviction to buy him which I dont understand why :D
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