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No tolerance for racism whatsoever ... if it was proven then he must be castrated on the spot immediately and be forced to eat his own testicles without the opp...
5 years ago
The bedouin families governing the oil rich arab gulf principalities have appropriated the wealth of these nations into their own private accounts ... mansour i...
How true are the rumours about the Magpies being for sale? Thought they had a good season so whats the deal here?
Wish Nottingham Forest FC a successful season under the new ownership and hope to see them in the premier league soon. From Kuwait with love ...
Shouldn't this be on the Primera Division page? anyway ... in no way is Ronaldo comparable to Messi ... Messi is in a league with Maradona, Pele, Zidan, Baggio...
Yeh and he also scored against Barcelona ... he's got something the lad i'd give him that ... i mean he was great at liverpooool (4 "o"s for the scouser effect)...
Drogba man ... what a legend ... what a footballer ... you stick him upfront all by himself and he'll still find a way to score ... he's an entire squad all by ...
Chelsea winning the CL is proof that God exists!
Congrats Chelsea ... you made EPL proud and you made your own luck with sheer determination and will power ... to lose after the surprise come back against Napo...
Forest must put their s**t together and climb back to EPL .. there's just too much history in that team to be at the championship division ...
Das ist Schicksal ... das ist Gott ... es war zu sein ... this is destiny ... this is God ... it was meant to be ... and also Bayern won 4 times before last ...
Drogba and Lampard are walking legends and they deserve to hold the CL cup at least once in their illustrious careers ... Chelsea deserve a CL title ... they've...
Here we go lads ... this Saturday ... its the big game every body been talking about ... its the decider that will make or break dreams ... fans have been torme...
I want chelsea to win ... as a gift to the queen on her 60th coronation anniversary ...
Higuaín is tackled by an invisible wall on his arrival to Kuwait!
Yeh i thought Nasri's comments were bang out of order and disrespectful ... i mean get a hold of yourself lad ... as a professional footballer he should maintai...
Real Madrid C.F. in Kuwait: als...
Park is one of the legitimate contenders for a a Giggs replacement spot ... and Welbeck is an Andy Cole in the making ... as for city being a squad of fighters,...
Thank you all for your comments ... i'm glad my post brought back some from the dead ... i'm a nutter in the eyes of some but i dare not speak anything other th...
@Naota1212 ... i must say if i ever had the pleasure of elbowing Tevez in his ugly face i wouldn't have the slightest flinch of remorse about it ... i would be ...
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