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I loved him when he was with City though. Fought hard with City. One of the reasons City managed to fight thru the odds during Keegan years
5 years ago
Esso02 ? sounds like Asshole02
Its just a little bit of facts. There are fans who understand, there are fans who Choose not to understand, while some are just delusional. Feels nothing bett...
Patrick Vieira lunges at Nistleroy , without contact, but got a red. Simply because its intentional.
JRadical: Getting rich overnight somehow seem obscene. I would agree to that. But just like u have put it. United started way back. With the football economics...
Money certainly made a lot of difference in the past 4 years for City. on the other hand, United have their expenses as well. Just that United did it in a long...
Arguably u take it as provocation. for me. i simply took it as being totally unhappy watching a teammate being hurt. i thought any players for any club does t...
Since 1999/2000 buddy.
Their fans live in the City of Manchester itself. Its their City. and its their Football Club. but as they grow bigger now. Fans are growing all over the worl...
Manunited75757: I suggest u to watch the replay again. 1. It all started when Tevez trying to run pass Barton. But they got entangled in the legs. Maybe Barto...
Spending aside, United had their fair share of expenditure too. even last season and this season it self. Price tags on De Gea, Jones, Valencia are not cheap ei...
And u did mention Barca winning without spending money. I relatively get what u mean there. but i dont think its a suitable comparison with city. Barca has al...
For Barca, i am not so sure financially but they definitely produced great players from their adacemy. Recently there are few who started in the first 11 and lo...
No one will see that. Simply because City has assembled many players in these 4 year period. The "net purchased" skied up statistically. People only read whats ...
I wouldn't say disgusting. They have their struggles too. But i dare say, City definitely deserved it.
@BadTripRich: At least something sensible here. haha. Im not some local City Citizen. But a fan since 2000. To watch where they come from and finally to lift t...
As ecstatic as i am as a city fan, its just saddens me that after so much of hard work being put in from the lads, still the taunts and criticisms on the club n...
1. Do not trust what the media says. Every City players, staffs and fans know this is only the beginning. 2. About Mancini. Hughes were given the same freedom...
The Sheikhs are here not to clear the debts. In fact, it has created a bigger debt for City. But all in all, it is a massive investment, and also a gamble. Th...
So much so saying United in the transition phase. No one has mentioned that City is going an even bigger and massive transition phase. 1999 in 2nd Div. 2001/200...
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