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Fabregas sould take penalties for 2 reasons 1) he is extremely good at it - we have seen he rarely missed PKs at Arsenal for 3 yrs 2) he is in my dreamfooty
5 days ago
Wow - if he has written without ghost writer; he is really good story teller!
1 week ago
Even though Hazard's rare miss at PK in his short time as chelsea's PK specialist - Fabregas is best PK taker we have.
2 weeks ago
Ofcorse Zilchy is not villan - I have seen him here for very long time and he is one of the nicest user here. I just think on this matter he might be bit emotio...
1 month ago
Zilch - I have not seen you ever warning Barca fans for posting inflammatory comments on their forum against chelsea. just because some of those are popular mem...
I read that comment from C61 after the match - and i am 100% agree with C61 - Sanchez plays pretty dirty and he needed to be given reminder that he can be on re...
I will be really pissed if lampards comes and scores winner for city - *jinx spell*
--------Suarez-------- Ronaldo----------Messi--- -----Ineasta---Raktic----- --------Modric--------- Bale--Godin--Ramos--Alves --------navas--------
2 months ago
I wud luv RV - mou likes to wrk with senior experianced players - he is still one of best in business - why not? I doubt though he ll leave van gal
Rich clubs ? Arsenal is one of the rich club in the world - but I agree with City doing BS. anyways if City buys a striker one of their striker will be availabl...
I agree 100% - i still rembr4-5 years back Arsenal had league winner squad with Cesc,RVP , Nasri, etc bt You hd Almunia as GK - he ws so s**t bt Wenger dint buy...
Fabregas hv not yet scored - once he starts it will be difficult to stop him!
In which group Man utd is?
3 months ago
He is son of the Athletico - Friends with Simone. why we bought Drogba? 36 yr old striker. Its more emotional decision. on top of it he will sell lots of sh...
We are giving away torres at cheap price to Milan - this should turn Athletico on - but I bet we will ask more price from Athletico because torres too wants to ...
Haha lol -
Chk out couple of bar in front of empire state - lot of fans come to watch matches. U ll be surprised to see newcastle fanbase in city :)
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