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Monster (Alex Knight) from London
Myself (Omar) from London, Canada
NEPSYDE (Nepsyde) England
Film Director, Screenwriter, blerd (black nerd) & Humanist
Ojswift (Omar Zabre) from Los Angeles, Usa
Im from Malaysia and currently staying in NZ, big fan of arsenal since 2002.
Poppyfields (Joseph)
Rudd (Keita Rudd) New Zealand
Hey Guys! My name is Keita Rudd and I'm a 11 year old male! I live in New Zealand and play soccer for Green Island and my city, Otago! I support MANCHESTER UNITED and I've ...
Shook14 (Muhamad Shukri) from Jumeirah, UAE
Shoxx (Lushomo Chambwa) from St Louis
SKool (Shirish K) from Bangkok, Thailand
Arsenal and
Nepali, Canadian, and Thai. 3 in 1. Currently studying Computer Engineering, 3nd year student. Life of an engineer is as hard as it can get, but the rewards are so satisfying, i ...
Slayershanks (Sat Chen)
Stfnd (Stephan Dim)
Arsenal and
Work as a carer,hate it,love my days off!No one into footie!Born in London.Married to a Chelsea fan (he`s ok).Just like to be happy.
Tdsmufan (Tristan Da Silva) Canada
Aiming to be a professional footballer someday, not many opportunities in Canada as the sport is not so popular as the ice hockey or american football just to give some examples. A ...
Threkstari (Threk Stari) Netherlands
I'm a real cunt. Just ask Godspeedysick
Tomthedon (Tom Mumford)
Kick4Life - changing lives through football