Muahj wonders on Donovan and Everton...
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Not a bad result for Fulham? If I'm a Fulham fan, I'm expecting a much better performance from a side who almost won the Europa League. Sure Bolton needs work o...
7 years ago
How'd that champion's league campaign go AC Milan?
I do agree that Berbatov is an amazing player, but let's not forget what he is there for. Goals. I like him a lot and can't help but cheer for him even when I'm...
This was a great game. Great saves, chances, and plenty of controversy with the harsh penalty. I don't agree with the call, but what's done is done.
8 years ago
I've said this for as long as I can remember. Hull need a new keeper. I'm sorry but this boy is terrible. Throughout the entire season, his missteps, poor clear...
I agree with Kkrex75. Expensive super-sub especially with our financial troubles we can't keep him on the roster with that performance. I would think we should ...
Brilliance from Rooney, who is playing inspired. everytime owen hits the pitch I cheer for him. i'd love for him to flourish with us so badly. good nani perform...
Well who doesn't think it's over with a 4-0 score line?! That was unbelievable! Great fight by Mali and pitiful collapse by Angola. Surely you have to blame the...
Yeah that was some heck of a strike by Dempsey.
I was a tad critical of the Hull game but I'm superbly happy with this performance. Great to see Berbatov scoring two in two and always can count on a tremendou...
Hull played beautifully in their final 3rd. Probably the best they have all season in my opinion. Sadly though, their back line couldn't muster up the quality n...
Overall good game by United. With the side the Wolves had, I would've liked more goals especially considering the chances they had in the 2nd half. The pressure...
Foster: Ok, it took a deflection but come on man... Final 3rd: Finish boys.
Very true, after Edwin leaves we have one heck of a keeper and it's not Foster (thank God) Not the cleanest of games for United but a win is a win. Good job bo...
What a fantastic goal from Fletcher!
Should've played more constricting defense on the 1st goal. It was absolutely brilliant but we really loosened up, thinking he would take it out or turn back ro...
Great response by the champions from last week. Quality finishes from both Rooney and Berbatov that we expect. Still, a little sad that Owen has missed that exa...
Amazing football by Man U in the beginning. "High flying" Berbatov seems to want another goal of the week here on footytube with all his acrobatics. Good to fin...
On the issue of us needing goals, I think with the absence of Ronaldo it gives other players (Berbatov, Rooney, etc...) much more creative freedom to work their...
Finally! Foster has talent but lacks any confidence it seems. He's always shaky in goal to me.
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