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Players, Supporters United we are strong. We’ve achieved much over the years, We’ve shouted many goals And we have shown, we have shown, That no one can eve...
8 years ago
Remember when Messi got the hat trick against Stuttgart and the British media said, “oh well it’s just Stuttgart?” Remember when Messi got the hat trick ...
Bad news ya'll, looks like abidal might be out for two months. hopefully this isn't confirmed because he has been one of the best players on our team all year ...
Also what is funny is that he hangs it upside down, oh and he paid to watch his rival team practice. I would never pay to watch Real Madrid, unless it was to wa...
Whoa whoa whoa, where did Pep say that? Because I follow Barca press very closely and all he has said is that Ibra is too hard on himself and will surely get ba...
I have to respectfully disagree. ibra does so much more than score goals, he also usually pulls two defenders to him creating more space for messi. yes he's exp...
There is a lot of talk of Silva and Ribery. Also rumors of Villa. I think Silva would be the easiest fit of all those. Although I love Villa, I just think he on...
Sure go ahead and insert Ronaldo wherever you want, except for barca. I'd rather have a humble player who relies on his teammates than a showboating petulant pl...
No, but could be a great luxury
Seems that the execs at inter are smoking crack.
Thanks for the kind words, best of luck to man u in the premier league, and hopefully we get a rematch with you all in champions!
I think this is possible : )
Poor Ibra, the man couldn't BUY a goal right now if he tried. he'll get back in a groove, he's too talented not to. i predict he ends with 25+ goals this season...
Raj you're more than likely right. once Pep knows there is a new president that he can work with Pep will be willing to put a big contract into motion. Pep is j...
PEP WILL REMAIN HEAD COACH FOR NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!! Best winter signing I've heard of!
I will have to check out the forums wasn't even aware they were there!
Thanks for the add - you should get out of the barca chat, and into the forums a little more, barca needs more praise!
Haha very true, we needed to lose so we can get focused again. hate losing, but I'd rather it be in the copa than Champions or La Liga!
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