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Looks about right...
12 minutes ago
Falcao is class.
34 minutes ago
And they're the 2 best players in the league.
1 hour ago
Costa was the only striker in La Liga. They don't play with strikers over there. Plus, Costa isn't exactly a "striker prototype".
11 hours ago
James Rodriguez v RSdF:
20 hours ago
Di Natale. 7 goals over the past two games. Scored EVERY goal for his club thus far. Best ever. Two excellent assi...
Alonso's form has been piss poor the last 8 months. I trust Perez on the Di Maria situation. It obviously wasn't an issue about form or quality. Plus, to be f...
21 hours ago
I mostly agree with @MrBukLau. No reason to have dropped Cech.
Mt1234 thought the Everton v Chelsea match was awesome
Costa v Everton:
Hmmm, credit to him for not starting his managing career at PSG or Man City but the suicidal Segunda División B. Callones.
Costa v Everton:
The fact that Howard reacted was an over-reaction. Even Martinez is tasting the bait. Costa always knows what he's doing. He's spent the past 5 years taking mu...
Yawn. No conspiracy theories here. Any manager worth his salt knows to demand his players not react to a wind-up merchant.
Everton v Chelsea highlights:
You Blues don't understand quite yet: Keep it on the pitch. Let me just say this: If Howard had a red you might not have hit for 6. Trust me on these things. :...
1 day ago
Best English football I've seen played by your club this season in years, maybe ever. Every single match is heavy and intense. Perfect.
@Jeroen "UEFA did nothing wrong". I think that's the first time in the history of the internet that phrase has ever been written. Here's the despicable crime t...
2 days ago
@JRaty I have no idea how valid the link I gave is. If "you don't think that there's any possibility of him earning more than Messi" then provide a link to an a...
Finally OM with a 4-0 in the ligue!
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