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Pejvl wrote in On Mt1234s wall
Hmmmm,yes you really found a video that makes it look like he dives all the time. But don't be so hard on him dude,in reality, he never dives.
6 hours ago
@JRaty "So according to you whenever someone talks about someone doing something bad, that person has to mention all previous incidents of similar nature?" No, ...
8 hours ago
@Franky4fingers Actually, him being physically capable is why I'd start him. Messi is the only other player I've seen to have stronger balance with the ball at ...
9 hours ago
@Franky4fingers Irony/hypocrisy/nonsense/hyperbole/etc. Call it what you want. You call Ramos' elbow "intentional violence" but nowhere mention Suarez' bites. N...
@Franky4fingers Check my comments above about "wind-up merchants" and "hyperbole", they resemble a mirror. Your conspiracy theories are Mourinho-esque (who's n...
10 hours ago
@JRaty Mainly that Ramos' reaction was heat of the moment. Still idiotic nonetheless (putting a potential expulsion decision in the official's hands). Mandzukic...
Curious, what exactly about El Haddadi says that he's "not ready"? His age? Can someone give me concrete examples? Because if he's not ready, then I'd say 95% o...
Show the whole thing, then decide which part was more injurious: I'd personally also classify it more as a slap than a punch, but I...
Sure it way to difficult to press 3 or 4 mouse clicks Here this is what happened . ------------------------------------------ my 2nd unrelated post Malik(B...
11 hours ago
Kroos v Atleti: @F4f No one does Carver vids anymore. They were rare air to begin with.
Yes, horrible mistake by all involved. No fair play award to Celtic either. COMPLETELY undeserved.
What's up Markham! Sorry I didn't get to reply to your wall comment earlier. * GOOD question. Casillas is a "Spanish style" keeper. Lopez is a "Prem style" kee...
12 hours ago
Aye. Didn't get a chance to reply to my wall regarding your question. If I recall, your post in question could be interpreted as being sexist. It was a bit nea...
Thanks (I sadly missed the original involving maternal aspects). I have no problem with it. It's up to me to reply appropriately (or Cleverly with paraphrase) s...
My profile page explains all. "No soy amigo de nadie."
13 hours ago
@Alfrodo Irrelevant? You mean EXACTLY like the previous year? * Uruguayan for 90m quid = Brasilian for 90m quid * needed a CB, signed a forward instead * Villa...
Messi with many simulations v Los Blancos:
El Haddadi in a nutshell:
James Rodriguez v Atleti:
Damn you @LeDerp, got me all teary eyed with that piano. Great stuff by Kahn, as usual.
14 hours ago
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