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Thymus wrote in On Mt1234s wall
What does your dp mean? 6 less than 1?
4 years ago
Yup the club's behavior certainly is hypocritical. I am a little more pessimistic than you though. Five years back I used to think that Barca really does have a...
@Malik Again, you're wrong on every single point. I can't change your mind, and you can't change mine. There's no point in continuing.
And some footy replies/banter, for ye olde times sake...: * "Mes que un club" THE main aspect of Barcelona that attracted me. THE most important aspect of the ...
@Tanmay Aye, no problem. Thanks for the comments. You make some valid points. Especially with me not being able to see how my comments come across to others (m...
(This is in reply to your comments below.) Thanks for taking what I said in a mature way, which I knew you would do. My reading of what's been going on with yo...
@Tanmay A perfect example of "respecting other members" is located in the post just below this thread. How does one reply to this? The word "chick" isn't sexist...
Hi Tanmay, I didn't see this post (I check my wall infrequently). Feel free to point out the parts where I'm intentionally "looking to get under people's skin" ...
Hey Mt. Again, you can't ignore my post here on your wall and keep flame-baiting on the Barca and Madrid pages. Please reply to this post or the one below it i...
In no particular order: Athletic Bilbao Eibar Malaga Atleti Barcelona Madrid Almeria Elche Cordoba
Thank goodness, @Pedmar. Extra confirmation for me how I've analyzed things. Gracias mi amigo!
Ummm, really? You're going to be that stubborn? "Not sure what the point is"? It's only an example showing the contrast in quality between two people. That's t...
Di Maria is one of the best players in the world. If it concerns money, then I wouldn't blame Di Maria, but blame those close to him instead: his father, Mende...
@JRaty Wait a minute. You posted a "juicy excerpt" without even reading it? Or knowing the whole story? You're trolly. "Makes it seem even worse for Di Maria"?...
For those still having issues trying to figure out who's telling the truth and who's lying: "In an interview with Spanish football programme, Punto Pelota, Jav...
Meanwhile, Ancelotti said the exact same thing that Perez did, yet both Madridistas and Cules have sharpened their butter knives only for Perez. "He hasn’t t...
And anyone recall Ancelotti's comments on Di María: "I don’t know what he said but if I am surprised that he would want me to reserve him for next week’s ...
Nice try trolling @Tanmay. I'm sure Los Blancos feel your sadness... :) @Tanmay did you not read ANY of what I wrote above? How closely do you follow Madrid? ...
And Di Maria's agent: "He never asked for €8 million per year and would’ve stayed for much less, even though there was a club who offered more. The idea wa...
C'mon now. You all are playing your biases. Put the whole quote out there: "What I love the most is playing with Argentina. I received a letter at 11 from Real ...
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