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Torres is back, he scored against manchester united and shouldve had two, then he scored against Swasnea City in the first 15 minutes before he got a red card, ...
6 years ago
I wonder what was going through his mind when Nasri broke down 3 players and set up Remy for a goal.....
Neither has Cech!
7 years ago
Then what happens if you buy Ozil and he has a dip of form???? I'll tell, we all quit on him and say that he sucked to begin with and he was the biggest w...
He sucks? You guys are just talking out of your ass, and the liverpool fan I can promise you probably still own a Torres jersey. If you guys believe he sucks t...
Torres means currently,not in the old days when liverpool was the best. Chelsea is a better team currently and are competing for champions league year in year o...
Thank you Mr. Ancelloti for going back to the regular lineup with Anelka Drogba and Malouda upfront, and Why is Ferrera in the Premier League he should play MLS...
Bianes should be on the England squad but don't say he's anywhere close to Cole. Here's what the EVERTON coach had to say "Bainesy's run for the goal was terr...
I dont understand moves like this? thats the same with Murinho, built a great club, got us a heck of a lineup like jose bosingwa from porto, and they let him go...
WTF?? Really Chamakh? I can list 20 strikers in the premier league that are better than Chamakh. Torres and Chamakh should not be listed in the same sentence. A...
If Murinho was coaching AC Milan they would be the best team!!
You dont know what your talking about!! I am a chelsea fan and I have watched Joe Cole for a long time, He IS the most talented english footballer, hes a real p...
Why are you watching the chelsea highlights, were the man utd ones too sad!!
Lol, ya I think MLB is the best league in the world...
I hate to say this but chelsea have been better without drogba, they rely on him too much when he's playing and they play too many long balls in the air, withou...
8 years ago
Totally agree he's been horrible the last 3 games. Any defender would know to always force the opposition to the outside and never let him cut back to the m...
I agree Chelsea defense has been really sloppy the last two premier league games, especially John Terry. However dont forget Chelsea is missing who I believe ...
Wow Terry has been really shaky the last two games. Against everton he cost us 2 goals becuase he let louis saha free for the first header and missed a clearanc...
Ronaldinho is by far the most entertaining player to watch when hes on top of his game!!!!
I agree Rooney was calling out Nani, but Rooney was destroying his confidence throughout the game, when someone sends a bad cross on your team your supposed to ...
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