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Not cool man, Never wish harm upon someone...
6 years ago
Ermmm.. can you explain, Raul and Guiti for Madrid.. Didnt those leaders leave to only let a younger generation flourish? Chelsea needs a new team. I wish the ...
For Chelsea to truly change and MOVE on to become a NEW and BETTER team, Lampard, Terry and Maluda HAS to go.. I love them truly but Chelsea NEEDS to evolve! Ba...
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CR7 is a great athlead. He has the RIGHT to talk as big as he wants to because he has achieved it.. The are not many players that has achieved what he has. I'm...
Lol Luiz is a hell of a character
Hay i vote to you 2 cool my bro wiat ur vote to me 2 clver ... nice pic :)
Heck no! Torres is looking sharp.. You obviously didnt watch the last game..
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Aww shut up.. your doubting him after one game?!
I miss the vuvu's as well, Northstream, I think your just mad because your team lost..
Huh oh, David Luiz is at it again.. This time, he's pranking Di Maria
Neymar is not likely going to Barca so lets talk about him anymore
Barca tactics.. Use it wisely my friend or Give it to Sir Alex
7 years ago
Barca might be cheaters... But they sure damn know how to celebrate Enjoy
I'm not sure if this has come up before, but I was just thinking... Chelsea's last three games are against Manchester United, Newcastle United, and Everton. Ma...
Sex change? Only a United fan will do that ;P
I would hope a team that has spent nearly half a billion win the league..
Well unlike you, we have money to waste. So dont hate
I know right.. I hate how some fans hate on players like Mikel and Malouda.. every player in our team is good.. Cheer them on instead of bashing them.. damnn
Richer than everyone on this chat? do you know my net worth brother?
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Alright, now chelsea has a chance back at the title
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