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That's about as bad as a call can get.
6 years ago
I'm glad it was City and not United playing Bayern today.
Edu's goal was perfect. Gorgeous strike.
That was an amazing game. Auh-mazing.
Oh my god, a minute long speech and then THIS video. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Don't act like the USA hasn't beaten Spain, tied Argentina and tied England in the last few years. Not to mention, we've been to the Gold Cup final 8 of the 11 ...
Fulham might have won if Schwarzer had anything resembling a good game. Alas, he did not.
7 years ago
Very good goal keeping. That kid has great reaction speed.
Barca just decided they were going to spend the last 30 minutes flopping around on the field. Sure, there were fouls, but damn, get up and play the game. Terrib...
What a great goal. I think the tutelage Henry is giving Agudelo is priceless.
This was an unfortunate result. Sloppy defensive play allows your opponents to score goals and that's exactly what happened. Did Man City deserve the goal, yes,...
Great goal from Rooney. Pretty amazing stuff. Nani is stepping up big time.
Fulham wanted the win a lot more, I agree. Not a great send-off but it was clear early that Tottenham's defense wasn't on their game. Red or not, they weren't g...
Berbatov is stepping up. Nice.
Bringing in Findley and Clark to start was a big mistake. The USA needs a great coach, not a great American coach.
That was one of the hardest games I've ever had to watch. Great result, fantastic finish. I've never been a huge Donovan fan, but over the last two years he's r...
Funny how Rooney calls out Nani in his post game interview. Nani deserved it, he missed every single cross ... the ENTIRE game.
8 years ago
If Everton have any sense, they'll buy out Donovan's contract from the Galaxy before the start of the next MLS season.
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