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I was just browsing through some XML data with league.getFixtures and leagues and noticed im getting some un-consistant results. A team listed in an upcoming...
5 years ago
Hey TheBlueSky, I'm not a MOD either, so don't know if your request went through - however I experienced the exact same thing - no response from the signup f...
6 years ago
Hey Matt, Thanks for your response - truly appreciated. Do you know how many leagues you receive odds data on? Is it possible to see this somewhere? I'...
OK, perhaps I tried telling it too much in detail, simplified I could ask: 1. Is it possible to relate an event to a specific fixture? 2. Does events only...
7 years ago
I've been looking at the data received from: When is this data available? I can see there's a xml node ...
Im trying to figure out how to use the betting.getMarkets and betting.getEvents data and in relation to that I have a few questions. My idea is basically tha...
Hey there again, I'm not sure where/how to get in contact with you guys, so trying to bump here again. Had a reply on e-mail 12 days ago, but haven't heard a...
Hi Matt, thanks a lot for getting back to me on this. Alright, so although I didnt see any confirmation I suppose it got through? It was a bit confusing, so ...
I've been reading about Openfooty the last couple of days and found out that the API fits perfect for the features on my site (non-commercial). I then went to t...
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