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The world level is entirely different (granted) but Bradley has an ability to see the field that I think will truly prevail. I've never played against someone t...
7 years ago
I grew up playing against Bradley.........I used to think that he was a political bullshit ploy.......but he's not. Everything inside of me would love to say th...
I still don't get why everyone thinks that that the United States is full of people who are oblivious to their own system......
I couldn't agree more with your comment about the thing that you don't understand is that the United States ODP system is so political that it...
Agree completely. Howard is still our best player, by far, but Dempsey has the class, the skill, and the work ethic to be even greater. Love your comment Kevin
That maybe so....I'd like to say underachieving however.
I add to that, who the hell does England have on the Stage-left side of the wall?!?!?!?! On both free kicks he just runs out of the way....if anyone ...
But you have to hand it to the Frenchman......damn they have sweet style. Those are some sick ass jerseys.
You're talking about football, right?
All I want to say is that that stupid ass celebration needs to be banned. Seriously, what kind of celebration is that? Taking your shirt off and running around?...
Im sick and tired of players whining, posing for the camera, and crying to the referee.I was taught to play the game, not to bitch and be a bad example for wee ...
Couldn't agree more man, he's such a class act. Tireless worker, classy player, never whines or complains, just plays the game like it should be played, couldn'...
Yeah why are you hating? The man gets the job done, isn't that what you're supposed to do? Who cares if it's an overhead goal or a pass into the net, a goal is ...
At least we can all agree that Messi is the classiest act in the world right now. Doesn't dive, doesn't fight, doesn't bitch, and rips dudes all day.
Just a good match.
Nani is officially condemned as a pussy bitch forever. That's 3 blatant dives and fake tears in like 5 games. Bench his ass
I like United, I really do, but don't whine when you f**k up on D, you guys just f****d up,nothing more, nothing less. Hailgiggs11 is right too, you guys are st...
Ridiculous man. Stop whining like Nani.
I hope the next round is more exciting. This is a lot weaker than what I expected.
In my opinion, it's our olympic development program that needs a total's politically driven to the point where dozens of great playe...
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