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I thought you would be online but your not :( sorry i couldnt call u today
7 years ago
Hi baby..... :( to many paintings sooooo little time..... btw ur not on which is new anyways love you am gonna go kill myself with a paint brush
Babyyyyyyyyy babyyyyyyyyyyy babyyyyyyyyyy aiggggggggggggggggggggggggggght
To all the real fans that have been coming on the barca form since sat and s**t talking, its time to stop and grow up people. you shouldnt talk smack about a te...
We get your point but your friend here need to stop talking. dont u think it looks really bad for you just to trash talk a team that you havent been able to bea...
It took RM over 900 min of playing time with barca to get a goal which I must point out was a PK!!!! so stop you have to chance ur just an Embarrassment to all ...
Hey pedmar is your life really that sad that you have to come on this page and TRY to bad talks barca? listen everyone regardless of what club they like know fo...
Agreed he is not playing his best but it has nothing to do with the fact that he doesnt fit barcas style i think he is just off his game for some reason, but cl...
Villa hasnt been his best for the past few games and i do think that they should put some pressure on him but in todays game he stepped up and defended when the...
It looked like he was taken out of the game as a precaution because after they took him out of the game he walked back to the bench. I hope to GOD he's ok and ...
Good points about today's game: - We dominated possession as always. We found out that with our top team and with sticking to our style of play we can win...
Hahahaha awesome. But honestly we played our possesion football very well. It just fell apart after the red card we sat back while we should've gone for the k...
Helloooooooo my other love...mad rude comment spree?
2 rude votes for mehranutd
Lol mehran y would you do such a thing
Hello my love
Its not like anyone is paying me to work so i dont care if am on
Yeah thats right am a barca fan and if u wanna call me rude for being one then meh so be it but as we can all see u have the most rude votes and heres 2 more to...
Wow you give me rude rates for being a real fan? guess what i'm giving you two rude rates for being a barca fan.
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