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Mooty just Watched
Mooty wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Arsenal played like a friendly game tonight, slow in attack, losing ball easily, sloppy in tackle, and Manonne is a joke! it's embarrassing !
Chelsea's defence part was as usual, attack part so so; arsenal conceded again on set pieces due to defence fault and were short of a good striker. both teams w...
How can arsenal win with a soft-legged-always-losing-ball striker in gervihno & a never-know-how-to-aim properly striker in giroud!
Gervihno played like s**t! always losing the ball & only waiting for the ball to come to him, don't know how to anticipate! he was lucky for the score! why Weng...
Gervihno was back to his old self again! can't defend & can't attack, kept giving the ball away; Diaby was as slow as ever and lost the ball easily; Ramsey has ...
Last season Fergie always said Arsenal can win only because they have RVP, so now it's the same, MU can win only because they have RVP!
It really sickens me hearing Arsenal is selling again, not one of those deadwood but Walcott! instead of buying which is what they must do now, they sell again!...
What the hell are Arsenal thinking? why are they always selling players? just pay him more, cos if Arsenal were to get a quality replacement like Poldoski, u st...
Yes players like Diaby, Gervinho & Ramsey shouldn't have played!
Somewhere on FootyTube
After his defection, RVP is nothing but a traitor to Arsenal!
But out of the 8 years he's only good for 1 whole year, the other past 7 years he spent more time on the treatment table than playing. Given other clubs, he wou...
I noticed you're not exactly new here, so a belated welcome to footytube! :-)
Somewhere on FootyTube
Man city won it in the last 3mins of the last game with a streak of luck, with the help from QPR's button. they won't have the same luck every season. Trophy i...
Let him go, RVP, how could he face his teammates after his demoralising declaration that he doesn't think they are good enough to touch any silverware in the fo...
But which other club can 100% garantee RVP silverware? if RVP doesn't perform up to their expection, will he still be garanteed a starting place? even if he lea...
City should change their name to Manchester-Arsenal !
6 years ago
So sad, since the sheik came in, football is no more football, it has become a game of money power!
Wenger is always thinking of how to save money and go for cheap deal, that's how he ended up with surplus players like Park, Charmak, Ramsey could he ...
Stubbourn wenger, don't start with Ramsey again! unless you want to give away the last game!
Thanks goodness Ramsey was subbed but a bit too late, if only wenger started with Ox instead of him, it'll be a win for Arsenal! wenger's fault!
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