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Ya cuz no other attack minded player has ever went to ground easily in the box...messi is the only player i can think of who seems to try to keep his feet most ...
6 years ago
Its the little victories in life mate! haha, it was a sick goal though against a top keeper.
7 years ago
Inter was a shadow of the team that won the CL last year, its a miracle they got as far as they did.
Im on board with the no diving contingent. I think it makes a mockery of the game. It is this more than anything that turns those who dont love football away ...
Its karma mate....he's a good striker, dont get me wrong...and i wouldnt be upset being a liverpool fan if he had left in a professional manner, but turning in ...
Either of these teams ever heard of defense???
Have you ever played football? Momentum and numbers are everything and when you have a technically superior team coming at you with an extra man, it does make ...
Well...there was a glimmer of a hope we might catch chelsea/city but it would be miraculous if we caught either of them now, we'll be hard pressed to catch the ...
That kyrgiakos is an eye sore to watch...ive never thought he was that great and he's not helping his case with displays like today..:(
I cant believe a man like VDS can be soooo stinkin good with his age, wish he wasn't retiring. If it aint broke, dont fix it, i always say! haha, maybe he wan...
If carragher then rafael as well!! How about at least a yellow for Nani and his theatrics!?!?!
Agreed, what a weiner!! Not only for his antics on the pitch, but the fact that he let a shin knock keep him out of the rest of the game!!! Not like it was a ...
He would be an asset to any team...not because he's flashy or has amazing ball skills. He just works harder than anyone else on the pitch. People like that ge...
Yeah that makes you feel good about the club. He's a captain through and his team
Real madrid makes me vomit...checks indeed! This was a very nice game to watch. Like watching two Spains against each other
Lucky?? Did you see him take peek at the goal before he struck?? He knew exactly where valdez was and he threaded a needle with pace! All Valdez had to do wa...
Cant believe that flamini tackle wasnt a red card! that was a nasty tackle. and gatuso...get that guy outta there man, that rage would be better spent in a bo...
If he plays like he did today often he'll be finding himself on the bench...which would be classic
My dream is for us to slide into number four ahead of chelsea....then Torres' ambitions of playing at a "big" club and playing at the "highest" level will have ...
And Arsenal are lucky not to have lost...that goal they disallowed was definitely onside!
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