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Hey! :) No need to apologise, its awesome to see you again. I am well thanks and hopefully you are too? And how nice is it to open the season with a win for o...
8 months ago
Hiya, sorry I disappeared again, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm alive and hope you're well!!
Hi guys! Great result today! Mignolet is a man after my own heart.
Why did you sell Van Persie? Just why??????????????
A friend at work sent me this and I thought I would re-gift it to you, might help make up for the headaches caused by the Jesta display pic virus :P http://me...
1 year ago
I just can't handle all the similar display pictures. It's so disorienting. I feel I am stranded in a lonely desert, surrounded by non-human faces with unibrows...
Also, no. David is not the same as Pierce from Community. Ayyam! What is the meaning of this!
EVERYBODY STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING: Ayyam has the same display picture as David. Why is this happening?
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Yeah, "cautious optimism" is the Liverpool Way these days haha. Things will get better if given time. I'm sure they will. It's hard work being a football fan. S...
David, David, David, it's all relative. We're supposedly improving, they're supposedly declining... etc
Why the f**k did the Arsenal board sell him to Manchester United? It must suck for Arsenal fans, seeing United fly high while they are in somewhat of a "rut."
It's amazing how you can go from tolerating, even somewhat appreciating a player to hating everything about them when they transfer to Manchester United. Case i...
Its that weird combination of depression and cautious optimism again... De ja freakin vu...
Haha woo! Unfortunately however les Pailladins seem to be a sinking ship. It was always going to be a one-off, eh? I suspect someone will snap up Belhanda soone...
Hahahahahahahahahaha you're funny as always. Sorry to disappoint. We've graduated from the essay exchange program to a more minimalist approach. Less is more. ...
Just lol. Lol lolololololololol. FAIL all around.
I'M SO SCARED. These derbys have shaven like 5 years off my life thus far.
It's a parody account... haha
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