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5 years ago
I really hate Barcelona, but this game was god damn brilliant. And again, Messi is god.
Superb!! incredible stuff from hazard.
Why cant we always have milan vs inter through the whole year then.. why does milan get to vs lower teams. b4 u talk, have a think abt it lol
Bale's like Super Saiyan 1 compared to Super Saiyan 4 Ronaldo. He's really becoming like ronaldo, nice job.
Yes zeograv, 2 men went for the same ball, one got his feet high and aimed for another. huh??
Damn amazing performance by Pirlo as usual.
Sorry brother, that's way beyond this decision. Everyone who saw that match were mad except for the barca fans.
Nani shoulda used his head, NOT kicking arbeloa in the stomach.
If these teams play more often, then it no longer becomes big game.
That was definitely yellow or red card, and it wasnt a harsh decision. Am I the only one who sees it dangerous?
Monkeymagic01 nominated L. Modrić (66') for Goal of the Week
Monkeymagic01 thought the Manchester United v Real Madrid match was awesome
Nani shooted a kung-fu kick on his tummy, how was red-card a bad decision?
Bad luck, but in my POV that was a straight red off.
Yaya Toure has been beast @ Barca too, dun no why pep sold him and chosen Busquets over toure.. :)
Don't bite his bait.
6 years ago
Chelsea Legend =Drogba ,Lampard, J.Terry, Cole, Mourinho, Cech!! Since 05!
Actually not 1-0 thrasing, 6-1 thrasing!
Hope ur comment make ur mental healthy! :)
Holy @@#@$()@$)!@$!. This was one of the most epic game since I watched football. I would say this and Liverpool vs AC Mil Champs final are the most incredible...
Too long, didnt read either. But I'm sure it's all about F@@king barca which is True statement.
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