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08daniel (Daniel)
As a midfielder, I specialize my skill set as a center defensive-mid tactician, but I can make passes as a playmaker and often rotate outside to the wings for crosses! My playin ...
AntiFutbol (Julio Ortiz)
ARod9 (Aidan Rodriguez) from San Antonio, USA
DannySPARTA (Daniel Moravec) CZ
I ♥ Football
Drippird (Drip Pird)
Elizel (Liz Villegas) Philippines
I like to watch/play football i mostly play as a right back and very good in that but can play as a winger and also striker in some occasions. TH4T5 411 Y0U N33D 2 KN0W!
Galacticos1025 (Gonzalo Higuain)
Higuain91 (Kevin K.)
Itgelt (Itgelt)
Arsenal and
Алдартай хөлбөмбөгчид,дасгалжуулагчид багаа сольдог харин Фанатууд хэзээ ч сольдоггүй :)
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