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Bale and ronaldo would mean de gea going the other way...
4 days ago
Suarez used to score the same kind of link up play when he was at pool with stevie g. long ball and then suarez would make magic somehow.
1 week ago
Nice to read some positive posts for a change. couldnt believe this was the united weve been watching this season.1st half especially, hats off.
2 weeks ago
Thats when giggs steps in. should be a blend of lvg and saf.
Falcao still needs his confidence back. he seems to be a sec too slow off the mark and still unused to how physical the game can be. still not convincing though...
1 month ago
Worried lvg wont take falcao off even if he remains barely noticeable for the next 45.
@ Gohonaf. lol whaddyu mean 'you people'..
@ Badge never thought id say this but id actually keep young. hes done very decently with the way we set up and seems to really be trying out there. take nani o...
1. helpful but needs to show up more often. not just at backpost 4. only injuries stop LVG from playing RVP 6. Not disagreeing here but needs better service. r...
LVG's plan does work in theory.some of our players espcially the crucial ones arent cut out for it or cant make the grade. while on one hand you could say LVG i...
Feeling gutted because cant blame ed woodward for all this.
Watching rvp's body language says it all. his confidence is shot, playing like he knows hes leaving. shame really.
We wont be able to sign that defensive mid, cb or rb if we cant close a top 4 spot. we're in danger of being like pool and spurs a few years back, buying squad ...
Whats wrong with james wilson? why is rvp still on?
Too bad once it gets to his feet hes clumsy, got 0 first touch and his passing isnt good.
luke shaw as honorable mention
Agreed. i take back what i said earlier, but hes still no edin dzeko. groot never fails to make me eat words.
Long balls to back post. damnit fellaini isnt dzeko. slow attack allows preston to get more players behind the ball. valencia has been guilty of slowing it down...
@Lutheaven lol yeah it doesnt really make us better but its the lesser of two evils. lvg has method to his madness. @ RedboodDrippin wish he would actually ex...
Fellaini is better up there than in the middle. his close control, first touch isnt the best, his passing isnt great. but when up top requires defenders to cove...
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