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Or one could simply dispose of him. itd be cheaper than a 5 year contract and less painful for the greater good-us. s call dexter, hannibal or the winter soldie...
21 minutes ago
Well aside from all that lads. happy easter. or for some others of us. happy 4/20. after the game today/ this season we need something to be happy about.
4 hours ago
Well if rooney is to blame for being told what to do, then the fault lies with moyes. its unlike rooney to solely focus out wide in games and lacking in the agg...
We're just so wasteful. wtf are we doing. this is awful and people who think im being pessimistic nope im just being realistic here. we look like a team that be...
Err David De Gea has been outstanding imo. consistent and saved us and moyes from more embaressement than we should be in already. made some wonderful fingertip...
If i was an everton fan id be laughing to think that rooney is looking up towards the right wing for smalling for crosses.
And they said the united players are playing for their careers. the only person not playing besides our back line has a newly signed long expensive contract. id...
5 hours ago
Lotta crosses few actual shots on goal. lotta posession, doing nothing with it. yet there are moments of birlliance and then pure stupidity.
little worried about the speed of our midfield unless jones is roaming more but exposes our wing backs as well. but like the look of front just shows a bit of ...
6 hours ago
Just a thought wasnt powell supposed to be our next cm of the future? we re crowded uptop i was under the impression powell was going to step into the role alon...
1 day ago
@Moeb8 thats what i meant everyone can use united as an excuse for a an extended contract payrise or more money for a different transfer deal. I agree though no...
2 days ago
All players can use us as a bump in the pay check. its going to be rough for all of us and these stories esp with the WC comin up. journos goin to hae a field d...
Pele said something along the lines of messi cant be considered the best because hes never won the wc. if i heard that as a professional footballer from a man w...
3 days ago
Woo happy new year fellas
6 days ago
I could say the same for those gunners fans out there to be honest. if anyone deserves it i think its Arsenal. great philosophy on believing in youth (not to sa...
1 week ago
@ SIF think moyes really wanted ashley young to succeed out on the wing and wasnt convinced kagawa could play lw. shinji admitted while unused to playing there ...
Glad to see shinji feature more often. i dont expect him week in week out but i think hes definitely earned his playing time esp keying up with mata. with the r...
Rooney needs to come of 70 latest. he would have buried that even on an ok day.cmon moyes. hes also walking in the middle of the park so he doesnt even link up ...
Think rooney and his injection is part of why we arent winning the ball as aggresiely up the field and we seem tame going forward. our midfield seem too slow fo...
Next halloween im dressing up as robben.
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