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Just4fun if its a boring era of real and barca why do u keep watchin it!
7 years ago
Why dont u just check on the la liga website
Top nine look very good this season, Gonna be great watching. I think we might lose tonight, Valencia play with such speed!
Villa is awesome alright!
Then why do ye bother coming on to say its "boring" if ye think it is. Leave the chat to people who actually like football and dont be wasting space!
Ha u obviously dont watch la liga if u think messi is the only player worth watchin. La liga is full of quality and exciting games but i must be wrong since u a...
You guys came on to the serie a chat to say that! Stick to yer english 'foregin ' premier league.
Nasty man, chelsea are gettin pretty old arent they!!
Im lookin at a real madrid v barcelona finale.If they dont meet before that. That would be awesome, Id definitely go to Wembley to watch that!
Ha ya and this is gonna be the score !
Seria a should be strong this season.
Rossonero no they shouldnt have, it all comes down to who finished 4th and samp did, they are the better team. And it was Samps first match of the season agains...
Wow the premiership is slowly going downhill, The english cant win any games. The german league is stronger and the spanish league is just different class now. ...
Ha wow City are bad. All Mancini is doing is buying great players, but its not like in fifa where u buy lots of deadly players and your team is probably the bes...
Good man Rooney " Its nice to see your home fans booing you " He's got a point,Ye do put alot of pressure on them. I know they played bad but they are at the w...
Sarg. Just curious, are you actually spanish? Cause u said "WE will regret not callin up Marcos Senna" U cant really say WE if your not from spain!
Underdogs put up a good fight.
Argentina will be tough to beat but it was 5 against Canada! No offense.
Na dont like that team hows bout, Casillas , Evra, Pique , Luico , D.Alves. Xavi and fab in the center, messi out wide and silva out the wide, Torres and Vill...
Ya he's 6'8 and deadly!
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