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With 8 teams in-between ?!! not gonna happen.
2 years ago
Teams Costa scored against in 2015 :D
On current form the likelihood of us finishing in the top 6 is the same as winning the CL. :D
He's been one of our better performers this season. I know that's not saying much but it's a testament to his character and mental strength. Overall I think h...
The version failed to mention this part. Grade A journalism !!
So they met the girls, went to one of the girls place (with what intention I wonder), and then sexually assaulted the girls?!! hmmmmm
Actually a 360 degree turn means we'll stay where we are :D :D or maybe that's what u actually meant. :D
@Johny, we've already gone down that road pal, didn't end well first time around. beside do you really think he's better than Jose ?!! his league record is atro...
So many posts here are calling for Jose to be sacked ! sack him and get who exactly? the fact remains that there's no one better out there.. and what did he do...
Please don't put words in my mouth bro, I'm speaking in general regarding the current state of the team. who said anything about criticizing Jose ?!
First sensible comment I've read all day. time to separate true fans from glory hunters.
Yeah, his antics of winning countless trophies for this football club has been nothing short of disgusting.
It's 4 now :)
Pretty immature IMO to label any set of fans as classy or classless. every club has both kinds (It was not that long ago that Chelsea had some pretty negative P...
There's no afcon this season (changed to odd years).
If I were him, I would just do it to troll everybody & make it seem like everyone was talking out of their a$$e$.
After all the zooming it still looks like a tight decision. You have to consider that the referee has to make a decision within seconds based on his naked eye ...
Only RDM can.
I think the issue here is that at this stage of his career Bamford need to play regularly to aid his development. I would personally prefer for him to stay with...
Oscar has been omitted from Brazil's Copa America squad !! I personally think it's about time he got the rest he deserves after 3 years of non-stop football, &...
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