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Quick positives from tonight : -Three important points at a tough ground where most top teams struggled -without our most important player mind you! -Brilliant...
17 hours ago
Winning tough away matches when you're missing your most important player, that's how champions play.. :)
18 hours ago
Does wanting Burnley to get relegated makes me a bad person ??
4 days ago
PACE abuse!!!
3 weeks ago
I'm fine with a bit of banter but can't you at least be a little bit more original ?! :D
1 month ago
LMAO at Mou. he was so busy complaining about lucas not getting a second yellow that he missed the goal.
^ I did watch the match and yes Arsenal did play counter attacking football but can you tell me how's that different from the way Chelsea play (& mostly win) in...
@Dougie27 loooool is that right ?
Wenger the master tactician, he parks the bus when he wants :D
MohsenCFC just became a Fan of Chelsea
^ spot on Rajmahal. when you're not first choice you work your a** off in training so when you're given a chance you grab it with both don't wait unti...
Not to mention a 4th round FA cup tie if we beat Watford. "likely to take place on Jan. 24-25". :D
2 months ago
Under the current rules, it can't be rescinded.
What a day for Arsenal btw.. all those above them dropped points :)
So are we, mate
I get behind my team I get behind my team I get behind my team I get behind my team :D :D
We don't need favors from anybody mate. you do realize that we'll be top even if City win. don't you?
^ @Theo So what did you want him to do? put on the strip and come on to score goals himself ? it's not his fault that Cahil couldn't clear that cross or that mo...
Guess what ? they already played city & they did get murdered :D
If he improves his shooting he'll be a top player
3 months ago
MohsenCFC updated his profile
8 months ago
1 year ago
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