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Coates scored in best striker manner! I mean how, for gods sake, does he want to head that ball out with this move towards the net!?! And Jamie, my dear Jamie...
5 years ago
If Shelveys tackle is a red card, so the foul of RVP against Suso must be! Shelvey at least went for the ball, that he hit Evans at the knee was just purely un...
Exactly what i thought
This line has to be in fifa2013! laughed so hard
Look closly, Sommer is at the ball before müller. if müller would have touched the ball it would't fly away in this direction.
6 years ago
I have to admitt the point that the Euro will not be the same without Portugal. It would be much more attractive without Ronaldos teary eyes after every touch a...
What a goal by carroll!!! with left foot while falling. i knew he just needs chances to proof his worth. it's true when king kenny sais about suarez that he nev...
Suarez stop whining! I like him from game to game less for such childish behaviour though he's a genious player as we see here again. i can't wait to see carrol...
Magnificent game. both sides played fabulous. and though i like arsenal far more i don't understand anyone who rated the chelsea play as rubbish. but the pensio...
And what about the scene where lampard was brought down or david luiz was hold tight?!? When a player like Lampard goes down there must be something, he's a pla...
Sorry for replying my own comment. but the commentator is just to hilarious: "It's Silva, It's Dzeko, it's to easy!" no way to find better words for that game...
At the 1:4 it's unbelivable how free dzeko and lescott are. the could have lit a bonfire and have some bbq ManU's defence would't have noticed
Why should messi play against balo? forward vs. forward ?!? but i understand what you mean and it might be right. hope we see it soon in real ;-)
I really don't know what you mean with johnson. what i've seen from him was stable and good quality performance. good passes from first second on and focused in...
Would be f***ing awesome!!!
You see Sir Alex knows how to win a championship, against clubs like qpr, wba or fulham they have to gain 3 points and against LFC, Chealsea or Tottenham at lea...
Sick goal. wish he'd score once a goal like this for swiss squad
Surprising effort by switzerland. the realy didn't well in qualification so far. but they stil made bone mistakes. and i really don't think djourou deserves the...
7 years ago
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