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Yep. But I have to say, Kolorov made an absolutely terrible decision. I did not expect a player of his quality to botch the situation so badly. Wrong sided? Che...
2 days ago
Why is Jose cup tying Cech? His value in January is going to be much lower now. I get that Cech is a pro, but he should have put his put down. Courtois isn'...
This is absurd. Sergio Aguero has the best goal-per-minute in the history of the EPL. A good 2 minutes higher than Theiry Henry. Rooney is not even top 10. Le...
2 weeks ago
On current form, Ronaldo is the best player in world football. Sorry, but it can't be denied, no matter how many intangibles people bring up about all the littl...
@Gunnzo Sanchez and Ozil cost more than Costa and Hazard, yet this is the 2nd worst start to the season of Wenger's career. Spending isn't the problem, since ...
He is a complete striker. Don't you dare question him.
Anyone who thinks watching your favourite team win everything is bland is clearly in the wrong choice of entertainment. There is nothing sweeter than watching ...
Lmao. uhm, you do realize that one of the features of being a world class player is that you have to play for your country in meaningless internationals. lol. i...
If it was Jose that had rushed into Wenger and pushed him, we'd never hear the end of it. But like Pep refusing to shake hands with a manger who followed him a...
Mata was fantastic for us...but after watching what Oscar did against Arsenal, I doubt Mata could replicate half of that, even if he gave it his all. Oscar is a...
Relax. Courtois took a little hit to the head, a hip-check. Cech had his skull broken. lol.
It was surprising. I never expected Wenger to show physical aggression, and neither did Jose by his reaction. They truly don't like each other. lol. It's pretty...
Salah was smiling while clapping. From the interviews he's given, he seems perfectly happy to be here. I remember him talking about how much in awe he was whe...
Carvalho is so damn average. He looked terrible against us. Schurrle was making runs off him, Cesc was moving around him like he was glued to the pitch, and his...
@Zilch and neither did city manage any serious threat on our goal. We played it very defensive. The issue in the game wasn't Cesc, but Willian and Ramires bein...
@Zilch No offense, but Hazard is in a completely different class from Nasri. And Oscar is far, far more developed that Wilshere was back in 2010. Not to menti...
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