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That's silly. we have not looked any better than we did the last 10 games of the season in 14-15. And we've not shown any improvements during the preseason. ...
2 years ago
1-0 Chelsea.
Can we just walk away? Zouma looks so good. We can just pair him with a world class 26-28 year old and be set for years. Stones doesn't impress me at all.
Jose needs to be careful. he's starting to get pretty tubby himself. lol.
Ramires would have been a very good Right-Back, had some proper coach in Brazil had got his hands on him.
Kenedy impressed me so much. he's one hell of a find. I just hope his work permit gets sorted in the coming seasons. He could be our answer to the RW.
It's not going to be a 4-4-2 in the traditional sense. Both Costa and Remy like to drift wide, so if Falcao is on with either of them, he'll play as a lone str...
@SoccerIsFootball um, that isn't Jose pointing out the United game. that's LumpOfCelery talking. Those tiny little bars (these: "") indicate where Jose stops t...
@Diotan524 he's also one of the biggest seller. Ibrahimovic: 60 million David Luiz: 50 million Mata: 37.5 million Lukaku: 28 million That's what happens whe...
Doesn't make much difference IMO. Cesc is too slow for the counter-attacking game. And even if we aren't trying to play counter-attacking, Mikel on the pitch ...
Mikel, Matic and Cesc should never be on the pitch together. If we are going to play Mikel-Matic, then Cesc should be dropped and Oscar plays. Cesc is a terri...
@Malik Can't convince Pogba? Your the reason he's staying at Juve another year. City offered 100 million to Juve. Barca's president doesn't want Pogba. lol. J...
And you don't see Oscar throwing a hissy fit when Jose drops him for every big game because the tactics he wants to use. He accepts that getting left out of gam...
@Jeron WTF? Ferguson didn't want to play Pogba. All Pogba wanted was to be given a chance. Jose started KdB in the first two games of the season against Hull ...
They didn't. all they said was he still has decent movement. if Jose listened to players on who to buy (which is laughable as even a thought) he'd have bough...
Jose said he wants two young CBs in the squad with the two 30+ CBs. If Zouma is loaned, I'd be pissed. He's ready to contribute.
Sooooo over-rated.
People outside of England don't really even know about Man City. United is basically called Manchester. You mention the word Manchester, 99% of the people will...
What? They have a pretty good midfield. Second best in the league now behind ours. They are lacking a quality striker. They will struggle to score goals, unle...
F**k!!! no open training??? that's like telling me there's a cake in the fridge, but the door's locked. :(
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