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@eegay I think it's probably to see how his hamstrings are progressing, and if they are to break down, best now, when he can get surgery, rather than the openi...
21 hours ago
Selling to Barca would just be handing them the UCL for the next 5 years. I doubt any team can stop those four players. You have 4 of the top 6 players in the w...
@Kgb112 I wasn't so sure about Willian in a deeper role, but after the Leicester game, I can see it. The only problem is that Jose has gotten a serious fetish...
Yeah. Matic's reaction was no different to Fletchers. The difference was Fabregas stayed up on his feet rather than going down. But running up to a player and...
1 day ago
9.2/10 how was PSG Jose's fault? He was clearly urging to players to to be aggressive and take control. The players completely shut down in that game. He actu...
Why would we sell? FFP is going away from what Platini is saying. Unless Hazard, having removed his wisdom teeth, somehow completely changes his mind about play...
9.2/10 A quiet start to the season, then really came to our rescue when Costa was suspended and injured, Fabregas exhausted, and Oscar in his yearly form dip. ...
4 days ago
8/10 He can score fantastic goals: QPR, Crystal Palace, and Swansea. He can get incredible assists: back-heel flick to Hazard against United; the absolutely r...
5 days ago
Still a better love story than Twilight.
United reek of desperation. they'll sign anything from Madrid for twice the price.
6 days ago
Missed Costa; got overworked by having to play #10 with Oscar dropping in form. still fought through it and came up big against QPR and Liecster. 8.8/10
We didn't know he was leaving.
This is pathetic from Sky Sports. Jesus. He's just a player! Frank Lampard must going: "Hm, hello? I've achieved orders of magnitudes more than this twat, where...
You trust an 18 year old more than a much rated international? Even thou that 18 year old has only played about 6 minutes of pro football?
Gerrard getting a Guard of Honor. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
3 times as many goals in 2m:56sec than Mario Balotelli has all season in the EPL. #respect
Luis has to play. it'd be cruel, otherwise.
1 week ago
9.5 Player of the season. He's the best CDM in world football.
Diego selected to sit on the bench, right? I don't want him anywhere near the pitch. Those hamstrings are too precious!
"Jose text me to tell me I've got a medal." Schurrle. Oh, blue-eyed beauty! Why did you have to start the season so awfully! WHY!
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