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Top of the league; still undefeated after trips to Etihad, Goodison, and Old Trafford. Once we take care of our trip to Anfield in two weeks time, it's smooth...
Well he sure as s**t doesn't use it during games.
5 days ago
If you guys are willing, EPL can be over this week as well. ;)
@Tanmay I know Alba isn't better defensively; but he's got pace. You need pace on the wings against Madrid.
@Chelsea61 Falcao, RVP, and Rooney up front is probably United's strongest front 3 ever. anyways, Barca were never about their front. It was always about thei...
@Tanmay just because someone can play a position, doesn't mean he's suited to play it in every game; having him out there was a mistake against a team playing ...
Age shouldn't be a factor; 30 is where most of the greats hit their peak, ala Zidane. Maybe it's all the changes to the team? It could be that he's not used t...
@Geekwhu the difference is, some of us have perspective. Ronaldo and Messi have made scoring look easy. Now, everyone thinks a winger has to score 20+ goals. ...
@Chelsea61 their opening fixtures were a joke. they were as easy as the Man United fixtures; difference is, Barca don't lose to lower level teams. The two go...
You don't have to park the bus against this Barca team; they couldn't string together any passes to save their lives. I mean, how many times have you seen Inei...
I don't think I've ever seen Iniesta play so badly; it was shocking. So used to him being utterly sublime, especially in Clasicos. Has he been overplayed this...
You can't just "add" goal scoring. it's a mindset that needs to develop in a player after an extended period of time spent focusing on the skill. it is why str...
This is the worst Barca team I think I've seen since...I don't know...well before 2006.
Lmfao! Barca self-destructing. how strange watching them make awful passes. long gone are the days when the ball used to be on ropes. it's a shambles!
Oh, King Carlo! what have you done with this f'in line-up? This is suicide! This is going to be so sickening to watch.
@Rajmahal jesus, even Sam "roll over for united" Allerdyce had a go at this United team and had them on the ropes. And Everton should have come out of their t...
6 days ago
Matic vs Blind? lamo. that's child abuse.
We'll win it, easily. Our toughest game was Man City away, and that game could have been a lot easier if Ramires and Willian did not have such terrible games. ...
Yep. But I have to say, Kolorov made an absolutely terrible decision. I did not expect a player of his quality to botch the situation so badly. Wrong sided? Che...
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