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Why? what's so special about Douglas Costa? Or even Thorgan?
5 days ago
Terrible game. we were so sloppy. couldn't string a single pass together. Showed how much we missed Oscar. He may not get every one of his little flair bits ri...
1 week ago
It's expected. one of the biggest EPL rivalries, and we've been eating their cake the past few years. They are not bad people, just angry. I wouldn't put to muc...
Ivanavoic has been terrible, utter garbage. Wake up, Branbear! He can't string together a single pass and repeatdly plays the ball into dangerous areas. He cl...
No. he's a natural born scorer. Right now, we only have two of those, and selling one of them is just silly.
BBC don't have the luxury of having a camera fixed on the two managers throughout the game, so they have to use whatever footage that was recorded of Jose and s...
Liverpool in the League Cup before city.
Lmao. so that is what's it called? counter...counter-atta...counter-attacking? wow. magical tatics!
Apart from the first 15 mins of the 2nd half where tried to drive the bus off the cliff.
He's saving is energy for the hatrick he's going to score at stamford bridge.
Carzola turning into Messi. lol
Here comes Lampard. yeah, it's coming.
It's so obvious what is coming. Wenger, get off your ass and kill this game. it's like they've decided to do the opposite of what they did in the first half.
Wtf ramsay. lol. torres-esque.
Sanchez better than Hazard? let met see. Hazard makes Zabelata look like a league 2 player, while Zabelate makes Sanchez look like a leauge 2 player. hmm. yep, ...
Why are Neville and Tyler surprised at City playing crap? how many times has Lampard saved them? he'll probably do it again.
Lmao. Kompany. what a stupid thing to do.
Why are Arsenal wearing blue and yellow? Why not wear the red? I hate it when teams wear their alternative kit when there is no need.
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