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Up chelsea
6 years ago
Ultimate fluke that is faith
That is f*****g 50millon right their
This is hilarious up chelsea up torressa f**k you farca
Whats awkward about the backheel? executed perfectly, went to the bottom corner. is it only awkward since it was not from a barca player
Do you have a stream with ray hudson for the game?
Harsh red card, but he opened himself for it with his stupid hand ball from before
Yah defence need to tighten but this got you 10 point clear =)
Ronaldo goal of the week amazing!
How is winning cheap? they played the style fitted best to the game and you lost
..thats what closeup looks like to me
Acutally the ball touched sergio reoberto! thats why the course of the ball changed.
Wow barca fans complaining about ref being against only them when osasuna just got an improper offside call too!
Does not take long for you to complain, osasuna is playing better than you.
Then how come real are 7 points ahead
What a legend henry!
It must be mou fault
One of those games =p getafe never looked like winning..but that was a hand ball 10 points barca pressure is on you for the 14th week in a row ;) pitched suck...
Not really..pinto should have been sent off puyol was greath though
Not over yet!..i am happy with7 points..but still we fight on
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