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5 years ago
There should be an unlucky segment in the opinion poll...i couldnt vote for malaga!!
Unlucky malaga
Moaden just Watched
Malta Vs. Italy
Where can i download or watch the whole match, refer please..great game..but also respect for milan in their first leg win, they played fantastically
Wallian is the player to! no wonder chelsea wanted him for that much, he kinda earned my respect
Glad to c attack beating defence, i thought it was going to be a deja vu
Its funny how BVB cant do s**t on CL, bayern is the better team because they prove themself on europeen level, u earn ppl respect when u do that
Thank us chelsea fans we gave him the confidence ;)
Lol that was kind weird, i guess they were shocked as they were expecting an easy game prolly
6 years ago
Now to all who say la liga teams are weak here is the fu ing prove, la liga is soo strong hahhaha shut up now
Typical madrid fans always looking for excuses...can't u jst for once admire the talent, i love c.ronaldo's sick goals
And same thing can be said about Antonio Nocerino miss, and I think Nocerino's miss was even worse. But that is a part of football not every chance can be score...
Lol why are you soo happy, i think you should rather be sad, since it apparently seems that English football are in decline
It was mixed of luck and and instinctive reaction, and that is what makes the difference, it is the instinctive reaction that makes the difference, remember Cas...
Wow!! if arsenal plays like they did in the first half, man! they could destroy any team, they were so daring they just need to work with quick passes and good ...
C mon man at least show some respect for ur respected rival
Lol real madrid fans are were complacent in the second half...if barcelona wanted to turn the tie around they would do that in a second as t...
Haha it is not that villa and pedro were dropped off bcos of tactical reasons, didnt u hear/ read what guardiola said in the post match press conference? anyhow...
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