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I like the rest. It gives teams a chance to try young players out in games that won't affect the season. Also, I haven't seen statistics on this, but I can't im...
1 week ago
Respect on the two games against Real! Well done!
2 weeks ago
I've been checking it every day or two, but yeah, nothing going on...
Uh oh... Bad Lahm injury
2 months ago
Http:// I'm a little late here, but this is a good tactical video about the Roma game
3 months ago
I'm not going to worry too much about the last two results. Until Germany stop making it to semi-finals, there's nothing to worry about. This was a very differe...
If anyone is bummed out about the international break, there will always be this to watch... is usually pretty good
4 months ago
I was thinking that too.. I usually don't comment, but check the page at least a couple times a day. And I thought Bayern looked good yesterday. Definitely pass...
Terrible luck
I think you're only supposed to brag about that when you win games...
5 months ago
Last 4 World Cups England: 17 goals Klose: 15 goals
7 months ago
Transfer fees are getting insane... puts more pressure on teams to develop talent. Shouldn't hurt us!
Not feeling too confident either... but it is certainly win-able!
8 months ago
Game on!
I still have one of those 95 jerseys!! It's a little snug on me though.... ha
9 months ago
My heart can't handle this
10 months ago
Pretty lopsided right now, but I still prefer it as a league over any other league! The fan support and the 51% rule make it a lot more interesting, in my opini...
I'll always get a little nervous about knockout games... but to be honest, at this point, I'm more nervous about getting caught streaming it at work.
11 months ago
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