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WOW! What a game! If they can keep the confidence up for another 90 min, and not slip up, maybe, just maybe....
7 years ago
I am terrified of what will become of Arsenal when AW's contract is done in 4 years...
If everyone else can stay healthy, and Arsenal can have really great games, and Barca not, then maybe....maybe.......it will be extremely difficult.
I've always loved the fluidity of Arsenal's passing game. Their posessions skills have always impressed, as has their offensive attacks. It's what drew me to th...
Fromtheisland: I'm sorry. I'm from just outside Toronto, and there is no way I will ever support the Maple Leafs. LOL. Just kidding.
Cool avatar pic! I was a big Shearer fan back in the 90's, Before my Arsenalization that is.....lol
Tell Song to change his hair back. Ever since he went blonde, he is playing like one.
I'd never pass the Fit & Proper Persons test.
1. Xavi 2. Iniesta 3. Sneijder 4. Kaka 5. Fabregas If Fabregas had more forwards to feed that weren't injured, I'd bump him up a couple spots.
Thanks. I think I fixed it up. Wenger. It's always about Wenger. lol.
Hi Mixtaplix, When you made your recent DreamFooty team there was a glitch which meant the manager you selected was not accounted for in the cost of your team...
Awful defense. Simply awful. Germany deserved it.Rooney looked completely out of it this entire WC.
Oh well, Got the top 3 right.....and Arsenal at least held it somewhat together while the injuries were rampant. Feel bad for Liverpool. Hopefully they get a ne...
Not getting released til October over here in Canada. Can't wait.
8 years ago
I think if any team lost 3 of its top players, they would be going down the ranks. Same thing happened to Arsenal last year. But the other players have had a ye...
+1 stupid rule. Classic celebrations through the years involved lifting or removing the jersey! Some of the most memorable goals were celebrated in this manne...
Ahh tough this year.... 1. Chelsea - even with the windows closed til 2011, they've got it put together well for this year anyways... 2. Man U - Confide...
Looks like Fabregas is hurt...why he went out at 1/2...uhoh.
Just figured this one out. And now Fabregas is hurt. My luck just continues.....lol
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