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Awesome win, but sorry to say, chambo sucked in this... his passing and vision was not there.. and he couldve made it two nil in the beginning but didn't.. he's...
Wonder whos goin to take over next..
That first goal should've counted! not a handball...... :S oh well this is good news : p
Arsenal didn't do s**t. we STILL need time to build... to come a european level anyway... we better win the FA cup
Better win the FA cup.. if they lose out to wigan.. man oh man oh man......
With the same team.. ferguson won the BPL.. Moyes managed a mid table team and has NEVER won a trophy with them :S my bet is he'll be fired if not by the end of...
S**t this guy's gonna start crying soon. i love football but it must seem really strange to people who don't really care about football..
Wat da fk happened
Our defending can really suck sometimes.. so unconfident.. but.. lallana to arsenal? : p
7th place is not bad.. that's where you would expect everton to be at this point of the season..
Ji-sung park was great.. maybe we bought the wrong park.. guy..
Forgot about that guy.. isnt he at celta vigo? and poldi is not a striker.. i remember the last game he was placed as a striker.. he passed every time he could'...
This is a better clip.. but yeah walcott needs more practice as a striker but if he did he'd be pretty useful he knows how to get into great positions.. and cou...
Great save by fabianski.. gnabry's gonna be sick in the future.. awesome game.. hope we win a trophy this year.. but things are definitely looking up....
Moyes is gonna get fired, for sure..
Guy cant dribble for s**t but he scores goals.. but in any case we need another striker!! podolski is NOT a striker.. everytime he had a chance he fkin passed t...
Cuz we might buy him next season..
All the goals were really good.. damn
I still hope arsenal win the league.. somehow.. but when i was watching the game the commentator said something about how arsenal had a really empty midfield an...
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