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The linesman got knocked the hell out!! lool
8 years ago
Egyption are the best ever thts why!!!
I dont think its the manager i think its the attitude of the players bcos i remember wen LFC won the CL S.G didnt even say thnx to his rafa he just tapped him o...
Plssssssss stop wining its O.V.E.R can u get this plus u cant compare yourself to italy n brazil cos your players wont even be sub for these teams.. and ohyh ha...
Hahahahahahah... chelsea are not gonna win the EPS..
Cos wenger wanna make us laugh with tht clown!!
Hahahahahha.... burnley burnley!!!!!! manshitty r so bad like how much draws they gonna get out of 38 games, and u knw wat these ppl like man u fans and stuff t...
WOW & WOW & WOW again wat the hell is happening 2 madrid i cant even see one madrid fan about here loool just try 2 not 2 beat urselves about it loool.. :b
Wat the hell dida was thinking lool..
I like the idea of putting powder on the nets so whoever scores first gets the dust out of the opponents net..
Somewhere on FootyTube
Can some one tell me if this's a football site or bbc look north!!!
Remember Nasri and Eduardo aren't far away either wat and amazing midfield we gonna be having ARSENAL4LIFE!!!
Man u game has been entertaining too this season :D
Listen 2 the ppl who know how 2 kick it loool I love u Luque13..
This is wat i like about him!!! he just seem like no matter wat occasion it's hes able 2 put it home.. :D
Becos this's a nike ad may be!!!!!
U know wat i think about manu fans they dont know anything about football at all so sad a good team without supporters..
Arsenal all the way 2 the final =)
Shut ur red arse rite now without arsenal he wont be wat he is now!!!
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