Minadeo (Joseph Minadeo) relishes Scudetto #31
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I wonder if they taught Morata to say my knee hurts in Italian.
Conte's passion was one of his major strengths but it is also looking like a considerable flaw as well. Nobody gets everything they want. Was it worth discardin...
5 days ago
If we are keeping Vidal and Pogba (God, I hope so) and add Lavezzi, can even Allegri screw it up? If he can't win the Scudetto with this team, he should be coac...
Back to hiring rejects and failures. Great step backward for the Old Lady.
1 week ago
Fortunately, Prandelli is in Turkey
I was hoping Conte would stay to win CL. Everything was falling into place and now this. The Old Lady must have aspirations beyond the Scudetto. What a-hole on ...
Qualification group for the Euros includes Croatia. If the next coach doesn't get it right, we might be sitting on the sidelines for that one. Prandelli has lef...
What's the real date for the Super Coppa (it can't be December 23!). Less than 24 hours after the end of the WC and I am already Jonesing for the return of the ...
Tevez could have been the difference for Argentina. I guess he had no interest in representing his country after the insanity of Maradona's mismanagement. Incr...
Amazing how bad Yepes is in Serie A and so good in WC
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2 weeks ago
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Hey buddy, Hope all is well with you. For the Serie A fantasy for this past week, I got 0 points, even though I had my lineup set......can this be fixed?
4 months ago
I am saddened by the reports of Q practicing by himself. He is not a great player, but he has been a very good, hardworking player. He has scored good goals. I ...
5 months ago
Always thought I'd see him in a Juve uniform..... sad day for me personally. http://i.imgur.com/g9oYVvF.jpg
6 months ago
Too despondent to comment. Pitch and conditions sucked. Still, no excuse not to be able to get a draw against an inferior team.
7 months ago
I have never been one to toot my own horn, but I had to share this with someone who would understand what it meant. My finest fantasy football moment to date: ...
My Christmas present to you- a new wallpaper! http://gembells.com/buffon-the-best-juventus-legends.html Also, tell your brother to pipe down- order has finall...
3-0 beatdown of Inter AT the San Siro? Title defense officially became REAL. They still have only conceded ONE goal in SEVEN games. Low point of the weekend i...
9 months ago
My little bro is drinking the Glorious Red Juice as he is basking in the satifaction of his beloved Roma's renaissance. I saw your comments on the Juve CL ga...
So what magic juice is your brother drinking? He is running roughshod on all of us right now in that Serie A fantasy....even when I think I might have had a goo...
11 months ago
1 year ago
Minadeo gave the Corinthians Sao Paulo v CA Boca Juniors video a rating of 4
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Minadeo relishes Scudetto #31
Minadeo nominated A. Pirlo (14') for Goal of the Week
Minadeo gave the Juventus v Atalanta Bergamo video a rating of 4
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