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What were people expecting? Atletico is a well oiled machine who have been playing together for some time. Chelsea looked like they couldn't string two passes i...
5 years ago
Nice comprehensive victory. Nice to see Andy on the score sheet as he deserves it due to his hard work.
That's more like it, we didn't hit the bar even once today!
Great to see our young players blooded!
@LeavemealoneFC doesn't like a bit of banter? and I was here to congratulate your club so dial down your testosterone a bit! @Bluesjose.....??? Istanbul 2005 w...
6 years ago
Congrats to Chelsea and to Drogba in particular. He is a great player and a very decent human being. Hope Dimateo stays because the bridge is obviously a much h...
Man United_ 2nd Place + No Silverware => Great Season Liverpool_ 8th Place + 1 up in the bag+ 2nd cup possible => Horrible season??? The Math doesn't add ...
Goal of the week!
No, but it doesn't change the fact that he's Liverpool's number 9 so get over it.
Carroll's game has continued to improve since joining and is a much better player today than he was a year ago. These highlights dont do him justice in his cont...
If we only had a technology that allowed us to watch an event after it happened so we can make a better judgment before we make decisions that cost games!
Well said @Tgooner, I don't think that there will be too much spending on our part this summer. Maybe a DM and a young striker but this team is good enough to c...
Calls like that red card are the reason why EPL teams are so poor in Europe. The FA should do something about these refs, that was just poor!
Instead of trying to buy out all the best players, why not bring them up from the academy. We have one of the finest academies in the world (3rd in the nextgen ...
I added Zaragoza to my favorite teams today. Great fighting spirit!
He is old and needs to go somewhere else to make room for the academy kids. If in the future he takes up coaching we will want him back because of the way he ta...
JankHooker, you are not a Liverpool supporter and know nothing about football. If we had a player like big Andy in our academy. we would be yelling about how w...
Right, except FA cup games against ManU.
A fairer score would have been 2-2. Good goal for Milan ruled out and very soft penalty given! Milan looked the better team. Regardless congrats to Barca for pr...
Great article. I think a lot of this comes down to individual players who aren't performing. That said, it is still too early to accurately assess their prog...
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