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Inspired by: Evra, Ronaldo, Nani, Tevez,

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Where Scottish football is heading X) but i bet all we really need is a few confidence boosts and lessons on being tight on players to emphasise the talent that we have. Despite all our difficulties, i'm with you all the way, Scotland.
Just for Fun (Midfielder)
I enjoy watching and playing football! I've always supported Celtic but in the past few years, as with all the Scottish football teams, they've continued their foreign spending spree and have had little Scottish talent to fall back on.

I, and some of my friends, prefer to watch the premiership teams such as Manchester United. So much better talent, better long-term management decisions, the lot. I like ManU because of the individual characters each of the players have, and how the team use dominance to stand their ground. It is from this dominant platform we see players' talent coming through, such as Ronaldo's stepovers, heel passes, Rooney and his adventures to the back to support when necessary etc. From better football, comes better experiences.

I myself play football and i prefer to play light, agile and swift. I practice daily and my passing, tricks, ball control and shooting etc so i can outsmart and beat defenders. I enjoy using tricks such as the swift Ronaldo stepovers, the double drag-back etc, as it aggrivates defenders. I prefer to have a lower centre of gravity despite being light yet muscular. I prefer to play in attacking right midfield as i get limitless joy from taking on defenders!

I currently attend Strathclyde University, of Glasgow. Uni's great, and each and everyone of my classmates help to make the experience even better =]

mike south :)
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7 years ago
Sounds like the defence line is at fault here :s So we have probs up front and behind. I hate to see a game where the goalie is left to do all the defending :(...
8 years ago
And in addition to the facts, even at his age he's one of the most reliable, creative, consistant, young and smart players on the field. There's so much that m...
I have to admit i have to agree with Wenrooney, Berbatov is a classic example of how players should work in a team, he is constantly looking for team progress i...
One of the best ever recordings ive seen of a game, top quality video
Yep, hero of the game ;) was a star until he realised he was the only one working his socks off to stop the goals tho
Yep correct but i think this's just an example of what seperates good and progressing teams in the league - possession and pressure. Blackburn's outfield player...
Wow nice link heartbreaker ^^ Never expected to see even professional football players learning from other players, but Messi being admired by rival team man u...
Besides, at least he controlled his anger in contained manner. I cant say that players like Drogba could do the same...
Boruc's got a perfectly good reason to be angry, if hes been cheated of a goal by a cheat like Eduardo and a dirty dirty dive to pretend the fair playing Boruc ...
Craig spot on, 100% right. If football wasnt about looking into the past, u can even cancel out the agg score! a player doing what Ed does is a disgrace to the ...
Exactly, howcome fans like you have better common sence than the big organisations X) Rugby already use cameras and its practically impossible for the ref to se...
I dont feel sorry for fabio in the least. What was he doing not once, but twice trying to grab the player's ankles with his hands? That isnt football. Could ...
I am!? Ooh :s i thought i picked happy :s will fix that! Im always happy with anderson and rooney in man u! Sad to see ronaldo leave, i feel he was 1/3rd of ...
Whoo wierd foto X) still trying to figure it out :) nice!
Two comments: 1 add me if you wanna be friends 2 why are you dissapointed with manchester
Gibbs didnt really do good today against man u...it was a slip-up again. Note the pun >)
ManUtd V Fulham: Usual Van der sar saving the day for man u again...the man u def and midfield were absent from the game completely. When is it right to leave ...
9 years ago
HAHAA nice pic >)
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