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4 years ago
Maybe. I only saw the match via highlights so I knew Adam had scored before I actually saw the goal. So it just really struck me off guard to see him celebrate....
Also how scummy was it of Adam to celebrate his goal then ask the ref to book Aly? No respect for his former club. I know that he only played for us for a year ...
They say the decisions in a season even out for a team. I don't believe this is true but I think we deserved a favourable decision from a referee after being ...
It doesn't say how many of them are incorrect though. We might have been awarded the most penos because we've been fouled in the box more than any other team. ...
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A tale of two halves really. We were amazing in that first half. Anybody who watched the full game will know we were just as hot as we were at Spurs. That midf...
Finishing is part of the game. If you are creating a lot of chances every game and not scoring you can't say "we're so unlucky". The hardest thing in football i...
5 years ago
*United get a bad result* *Ferguson points out how it was obviously the officials fault* *Media bum this story up* *Ref of United's next match reads paper and s...
8 assists and 4 goals in his last 8 games. He is well and truly back.
You mean "overpriced". Overrated suggests that the media and football fans rate him higher than his ability suggests, which is laughable. If anything the kid is...
I think it's no coincidence some teams are saying they've played their worst game of the season against us. The pressing by us.. unbelievable. Rodgers has reall...
Also I'd like to add that's the quietest David Silva (who is the best player in the league.. being marked by Lucas), Aguero or Nasri have been all season. Huge ...
6 years ago
To anyone who thinks Liverpools only world class players are Suarez, Gerrard, Reina and Agger, I'd ask you all to watch this video of Lucas' performance yesterd...
If there were ever a few games for big Andy to open his account for the season it was Everton going into United. It's almost scripted that he'll score against U...
@Franky4fingers little club? I hope you realise you just tagged the 3rd most successful team in European Cup history with this. More than your club. You show a ...
The ref gave us nothing.
How good is Lucas? Unbelievably the only player in our team better than him is Suarez (and how brilliant is he.. wow). If Lucas keeps progressing at this rate, ...
Season 08/09 Spurs vs Liverpool - 2 - 1 Liverpool vs Stoke - 0 - 0 Points last season from those two games = 1, this season = 3, it's an improvement i hope Li...
8 years ago
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