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Ashley Young is the most pathetic player to wear a Manchester United jersey in years. Ashely, you are nothing but a diver. You are a disgrace to the club. We ha...
Turkey are the biggest under achievers in the last decade. They have so much talent but they just can't make it as a team for some reason. Better luck next time...
Yes, I am sure a guy posting comments on footytube knows more than a highly experienced and proven EPL coach. Maybe you should call up the Man U office and let ...
F**k that bullshit avertising app. I won't install it out of spite. They should not be linked on footytube
As much as I love Balotelli I have to admit that he is pretty s**t for a national team striker. He missed so many easy chances in this game.
That third Bayern goal was clearly an obstruction.
Cracker of a goal from Torosidis!
Why was the stadium empty? Fan trouble?
Blasphemy is a victimless crime. @Tmestancik - ban something you don't like? How very religious of you. Typical.
No it was not a two footed tackle!
Kompany' tackle was a fair challenge and should not even have been a free kick. If anything the Arsenal player was at fault for losing the ball and sprinting in...
What is Wenger complaining about? The highlights don't show the apparent incident.
4 years ago
Bubbles. Bubbles everywhere.
New CB for Man U?
Somewhere on FootyTube
Well said Lindegaard. Lets keep progressing as a society and leave the horrible bigots in the stone age where they belong.
1:34 Iniesta rips it up on the dutch commentary video.
Well done Celtic.
WTF is wrong with Chamakh's hair? It looks like a bear jizzed on his head.
Um no you are very wrong. It was not an own goal. I think if you played the sport you would understand what constitutes an own goal. The ball deflected off Masc...
Balotelli is costing the team by undeservingly taking Dzeko's place. I like his antics because they are funny but he is not good enough for this team. I don't k...
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