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5 years ago
I'm Finnish and I didn't even bother to watch this match last evening.. now when seeing the result I can say with joy.. 3 letters only.. WTF?
Hmm, Arsenal got the job done, come on be happy about it arse fans for once :P
I was watching the match at stadium, yes we lost, but I wouldn't be too satisfied if I was French, mere one goal, approximately 2 good chances on the match.. lo...
Balotelli's unpredictability is his pro and con. And his face didn't stick on second goal, the smile came there when teammates gathered around :P
You didn't mention any defenders. That's probably how. But still no excuse for poor Holland performance.. Well their only friendlies.
6 years ago
This is only personal opinion, and you're free to feel different but I think Gerrard is history. Last 2 seasons have been awful and England should look for repl...
Hopefully Hodgson realizes to call Grant Holt
Wait, wait you're telling we won? Why always just the friendlies :)
Great job Wigan, Martinez deserves a statue to Fulham stadium next to Michael Jackson of his incredible inspirational skills. Wigan truly got some steel to them...
Well well, Holt for England anyone? Love his flicks & one touch play, very smooth.
AND villa is fighting for PL survival, would think that they put everything to these games
Modric strike.. Tugay would've been proud
Auch that tiote landing looked bad..
Truth is that Pool needs midfielders over strikers imo.
He's a funny looking character, so passionate. Like him as well!
Only thing what could hold us back is midfield and backline getting older. Also lack of creative midfield if something happens to Pienaar or Osman. Hopefully no...
Yes, Jelavic has been like Everton. Efficient, not as flashy as Cisse though, but damn Jelavic just seems to get the ball to the net. Calmness personified. Als...
I told it at the beginning of the season, Moses is gonna blast it now when N'Zogbias gone.. I was right ;) But Wiganwiganwigan & Di santo, What a goal, What a ...
How about ronaldo?
Hands up, who knew already 2 seasons ago Moses would improve and become a real threat? *hand up*
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